T-shirt to fitted shirt

T-shirt to fitted shirt

I was really excited to find this pin because I have a lot of T-shirts! I used to get T-shirts on vacation for the different places we go and now I’ve reached a point where I like my shirts to fit a little better. As soon as I read the directions, all I could think was, knot blanket. If you’ve ever made a knot blanket, you can handle this one!
Directions: Pick your shirt and turn it inside out. You cut the bottom seam off so the shirt can curl a little bit. (It sounds crazy, but trust me, you want a little curl). You cut the sides of the shirt (by this I mean cut the seam off). The original pinner ‘cheated’ the sides a little (curved the seam cut to be more of an hourglass shape) so I did the same. You continue the cut around so you cut the bottom of the sleeve off. After this it’s back to the knot blanket idea. The strips are only 1 or 2″ and make sure you cut both sides at the same time so they line up! I did one side at a time to help keep me aligned. You just start knotting the strips together once they’re all cut. It will pull up on the sides, but trust me, it all works out! Once you have both sides and underarms knotted, turn the shirt right side out and put it on! You will have a few little holes on the side because it’s not seamed, but if you put an undershirt on, it gives it a cute look! Or you can be like me and realize it’s side skin and nothing scandalous!

It occurred to me that some of you might want to see the original pins so feel free to follow me on Pinterest at ads061006

View original pin here

3 thoughts on “T-shirt to fitted shirt

  1. Can you post a link to the pin??? Or a picture with the link? That would make it soo much better babe! LOVE IT! I need to learn how to sew……

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