Pass the Lego


This was a super easy game to do. I bought 3 boxes of the $.98 candy at Walmart. I wrapped them up in construction paper and made eight little circles of the same color. I wrote the word Lego on each circle and attached them with a dab of glue. The glue gave them a little pop.
After I had my Lego prizes put together, it was time to play! I chose the song “Everything is Awesome” because nothing says Lego fun better than that song.
The rules are classic hot potato. Start the song and pass the brick from kid to kid. Whoever is holding the potato when the song stops is out. Start the song again, when it stops, whoever is holding it is out. When the last kid is out, the remaining kid wins the candy.
This can be a tough game on little kids. Delicate feelings and all that. I made sure to have small candy bags for the ones who didn’t win.

Happy gaming all!

Lego Toss Game


Super easy and the kids love it. Is there a better kind of birthday game? No there isn’t!

All you need is construction paper and 3 (option of more) Lego pieces. I printed my numbers off the computer, mainly because I don’t draw well. By not well, I mean my 5 year old is a better artist!

I started with my center ring, made with one piece of construction paper. Folded in half, width – wise, then I stapled the ends together to form a ring. That was my 15 – point ring, so I attached that number. The 10 – point ring was made of 2 sheets, folded in thirds, width – wise, and stapled together to form one larger ring. The 5 – point ring was made of 3 sheets folded in quarters width -wise and stapled to form an even larger ring. Then I attached the rings together in the back, with the numbers facing forward.

When you’re ready to play, have the kids stand a predetermined distance from the rings and toss the Lego pieces. I gave the kids 3 pieces each to toss. This game can get a little tricky on hard surfaces, such as wood or tile floors, which is why I have a blanket under my rings. The Legos bounce too much otherwise.

Have fun with it guys! We sure did!

Best Day Ever


Hands down, today was the best (non family) day ever! I have never had a more exciting day in my life that did not involve either my parents, husband or kids.

It started at 4:30 this morning, with Tony telling me alarm was going off, and to get up. I woke up my friend Mark and we were on the road by 5am for Boonsboro, MD. We made amazing time on the way there, although I spent $30 in tolls! Yikes!

As soon as we arrived, we hopped in line to get my ticket. The ticket guarantees I get my book signed and I can pay for my book at this time. While waiting in line, I met 3 other Nora Roberts fans, and we started talking like we had known each other for years! Poor Mark, who has never read Nora Roberts, was given permission to go in search of geocaches, his original purpose in the ride along

I purchased the new book, The Obsession and a fabulous hat!

Then it was off to wander the streets of Boonsboro. I have been here before, twice in fact, but have never had the opportunity to roam for hours. I walked through a beautiful cemetery while waiting for Mark to get back from a cache, then we went to lunch at Vesta’s.


Mark and I split a delicious Warrior’s Pride pizza. It was Ryder Montgomery’s favorite pizza in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy.

We walked around, grabbing a few more caches, ending up at the Museum of History. There is a geocache on the front porch, and while signing it, the proprietor of the museum was coming back from somewhere. Normally the museum is only open on Sundays through the summer, or by appointment, but he offered to show us through the first floor.


The displays ranged from the expected Civil War memorabilia, such as this bullet cluster. These are formed when bullets collided in midair.


There was also this beautiful suit of parade armor.

Then it was back to the bookstore for my signing.


I know have a personalized book, signed by Nora Roberts. How fabulous is this?! She also signed my hat!


Here we have my new circle of friends, we’re already planning another trip for the release of Bay or Sighs! It’s so wonderful to meet people who love the same things you do. And they really enjoyed watching me fangirl like a crazy person!

What a great day!

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Pin the Lego Head


Ah, nothing like a good Pin the _______ on the ________ game. Arthur’s birthday theme this year was Legos. Good times!

I consider myself a creative person. Thanks to Pinterest and having kids, I have had a chance to embrace this fact about myself. I am not, sadly, an artistically gifted person. Meaning, I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life! For this game, I enlisted the help of Tony, my much more artistically inclined husband.

I wanted a bigger game base than usual, meaning I couldn’t print this picture off. And my printer broke, which always happens around birthday time. Tony took my construction paper stash and, using a Lego mini figure as a model, made the pieces to form this game base. He then made me several blank Lego heads.

When the kids arrived at the party, they were given crayons and told to decorate their Lego head to suit themselves.

At game time, I attached tape to the back of the head, blindfolded the kid, spun them around and let them go. This game is always entertaining. Watching the kids laugh at and encourage each other is so much fun!

Happy gaming all!

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Constellation Wall Art


This is not on the wall yet, because I need to buy more batteries for it. I borrowed batteries from a remote. Am I the only one who runs short of batteries and does this? I hope not!

This project has been a long time coming. I’ve had it pinned for years, but even worse, I bought the supplies weeks ago. Finally getting around to it and I love it!

I started by selecting the constellation for Arthur. I will be doing one for Chiara, but I couldn’t wait to blog about this one because it turned out so pretty! Arthur got Orion. Chiara will be getting Pegasus.


I laid my printout of Orion over the black glitter scrapbook paper I had selected as the background, then poked a nail through the star locations. Be sure to hold your paper still or your constellation will be goofy looking.


The messiest part of this whole endeavor was this part. To help show the shape the stars form, I used thin strips of silver glitter paper. Maybe 1/8″? I didn’t measure, just kept making them skinnier until I liked how it looked. Then you cut the strips until they are the distance between “stars”. I used Elmer’s Glue-All. It holds well, but I was sticky and glittery by the end of it!


I may look for another option when I do Chiara’s, but I also used the Glue-All to attach the paper to the canvas. You can either do a 12×12 canvas, or like I did, a 12×16. I am still looking for the right sticker letters, but I am going to put the constellation name along the bottom.


Once the glue has set, note the bumps the glue leaves, take a small drill, I used a Dremel to make the star holes larger. Be sure to use a drill bit approximately the size of the lights you’re using.


Another sticky and messy part! At Tony’s suggestion I used hot glue as a way to hold the lights in place. I held the light in place and circled the base with hot glue. I hate hot glue! The stringy bits are so annoying!


I used these battery operated lights, found in the wedding section of Walmart.

Arthur was excited with the final product and can’t wait for it to go into his room. Sadly it will have to rest on a shelf because the lights extend past the canvas frame, making hanging impossible. Oh well!

Original pin came from here. They did all of the zodiac constellations for their art.

It went rather quickly, once I actually started this. So choose your constellation and get going!

Happy crafting!