Crazy Hair for my Crazy Life

It’s been a fun summer as far as hair color goes. I was being so good, not dying my hair for years, since I cut it off to grow healthy hair. Oh well, the road is paved with good intentions….

Spring Break look

Just before spring break I had some green put in. It was an experience walking around DC and having little kids from all over the world pointing and telling me my hair was green.

Later in the summer

Later on the summer I added a hint of blue, going for more of a teal color. Originally inspired by Five from the show Dark Matter. It’s interesting to see how people react to someone with non-natural hair color. Some people love it and have positive things to say. Others just glare. I had fun with it and it was kind of exciting to be out in the sunshine with my hair such a bright color.

Going blue for the fall

Now that the kids are back in school, my teal hair was fading, I debated going red, but given how the color wheel works, decided to try blue instead.

Already I’m in love with it. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from coworkers and Facebook friends. I do things like this for me, but it’s nice to get a good response from people!

Have you ever gone a crazy color with your hair? I have a friend that is the reason our old high school has their “no crazy hair color” policy. I’ve waited till my 30s, but I’m enjoying it! The closest I’ve come to crazy previously was when I dyed my hair black. I do not have a good complexion for black hair!

Black hair is not for me!

Reading Log Progress

Are there any avid readers among us? I am a fanatic when it comes to books. All kinds! Romance, fantasy, science fiction, young adult, etc. I’ve yet to find a genre that I can’t enjoy at least a little. I do of course have my favorite genres and authors, but all books deserve to be appreciated!

Last year, another reader friend of mine from Romania (ah the wonders of the internet era), was flabbergasted that I would reread old books when there were at least six series that I HAD to read. So late last year I promised her that I would not reread a single book this year. Everything would be a first time read.

Here we are, the end of August and I have read 78 new books so far. Not all have been full length novels, some are short novellas. Cassandra Clare is releasing a series of Shadowhunter novellas this year, leading up to Queen of Air and Darkness this November, and I love me some Clare!

My reading log notebook

I’ve always known myself to be a quick reader, jumping all in with a story, but seeing it laid out like this I can’t help but be amazed at myself. That’s a lot of freaking books!

I’ve discovered new authors, new worlds, and new fandoms. It’s a beautiful thing to fall in love with a world and then connect with others who love it as much as you do.

Do you keep track of the books you read? Set goals for yourself? This is my first year giving myself a guideline of any kind for reading, and I’m enjoying it immensely!

Some of my favorite books/series that I’ve reviewed here:

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy


Caught Up

Vampire Academy

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Fault in Our Stars

The Mortal Instruments

The Infernal Devices

In Death Saga

Lords of the Underworld

And shockingly, I haven’t reviewed any of the series I’ve read this year! The world of reading is deep and wide, dive in!

Pagan Pride Festival

Today the family, friend, and I hit the 9th annual Pagan Pride Festival and we had a blast. I am a Christian, born and raised, and I still hold those beliefs. I will say that we had a ton of fun though and plan to go back next year.

Goodies from the Festival

My son collects rocks, and they had a large selection of stones, rocks, and crystals for him to choose from. My husband, brother, and son like sharp things, so they purchased assorted knives. My daughter is a fairy freak, so she got a tiny pewter fairy statue and a star shaped jar of pixie dust. I got myself a Pagan Pride tank top and have a beautiful new paper towel holder made by a local blacksmith.

Needless to say the artisans, vendors, and local shops represented were amazing!

They had food trucks there that had an amazing selection and I had myself an early dinner.

We waited till Sunday to go because I wanted to see Tuatha Dea perform and was not disappointed. They had a wide selection of songs, from Irish choices to Rhiannon, a personal favorite.

We’re definitely planning to go back next year! I do want to add that these are happy people. No one was rude, or snide. There was no judgement for anyone, no matter who they were there with, what they were wearing, or how they looked in general. Don’t be quick to judge someone based on their beliefs. Not every pagan is a satanist, not every Christian is judgmental, and everyone deserves to be weighed (not judged) by their own merits.

Stupid Easy Orange Chicken

I’ve discovered an amazing recipe for sweet and sour chicken and it’s always a hit when I make it. The only down side is that it takes FOREVER to make, so I have to save it for days with no after school activities. Whenever my kids stay with my parents, they rave about Nana’s orange chicken. She gets a kit to make it, which is kind of a cheat to me, so I had to find something different!

Stupid easy orange chicken

Most of my dishes end up looking messy, but this was a big hit.

To make this stupid easy orange chicken, you need four things:

1) chicken (obviously)

2) sweet orange marmalade (I used Smuckers 13oz)

3) barbecue sauce (I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet and Spicy 18oz)

4) soy sauce (I use Kikoman)

Start by cubing your chicken and cooking it in a frying pan. Once its cooked, dump in the whole bottle of barbecue sauce, the marmalade, and 4Tbsp of soy sauce. Stir until it’s all mixed together and let it simmer while you make rice.

Serve over rice and enjoy! My kids loved this. This is actually my second time testing this out, and I can tell you I’m not an orange chicken fan. I’ll deal with it a time or two every month though because the kids love it and it’s easy to make. Can we say #momlife ??

Another year begins

Another school year is off to a great start. The kids have completed their first full week back. That in itself is weird, as normally they have a short first week, but not this year!

I can only be grateful that activities haven’t started yet! I’m on a new shift, 4am to 1pm, instead of third shift. It’s been an adjustment because I’m not getting them up or ready anymore. My husband now gets them up, and they put themselves on the bus, with my brother as a backup.

The new school year, new shift at work, and a new routine for myself. I’m trying anyway…. I bought myself a planner, one that includes a habit tracker. The planner kicked off at the start of August and it’s interesting looking at my month so far. I see where I’m succeeding, where I’m failing.

It’s not easy to start a new habit. Even with a few days of maintaining, one day missed and it’s easy to feel defeated. The habit tracker is making it easier to see not just one missed day, but how many days I’ve made it.

So far I don’t have any days with every box checked off, but maybe soon….

I never do well with new years resolutions, but maybe an August start will help me out. How do you do with resolutions? Do you start at new years? Or do you make a decision and start from there?

My beautiful new planner