Outer Banks: Day One

After a full day in the car yesterday, we were all feeling a little lazy this morning. Since this going to be a relaxing vacation, we decided to spend the day at the house.

The definition of chill

The kids were in and out of the pool all day, with brief interludes in the hot tub. You would think that since I work at Walmart, I would want to avoid the place on my vacation, but I made two trips in one day.

Tony loved their fishing selection

My husband had to be dragged from the fishing department. Given that this is the OBX, and fishing is a huge sport here, they had a lot more to offer than our local Walmart in Ohio. We also picked up more dinner options and a few things small things for the house. Trip two was later that night because we ran out of a local wine I had tried and loved.

Sunset from the hot tub

The adults were in and out of the hot tub all day, with alcohol since it was a house day.

Could we have done more? Yeah, but we have all week to be busy, so relaxing needs to be done too!

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