In This House We Do Disney


Another Pinterest success! I love things like this, and I’m happy that it suits our family. I can’t provide credit because my pin tells me the Etsy listing is no longer valid. I did change a lot of the sayings to suit my own preference, so here’s what I ended up with:


Just keep swimming – Finding Nemo
Let it go – Frozen
All it takes is faith and trust and pixie dust – Peter Pan
We’re all mad here – Alice in Wonderland
At last we see the light – Tangled
Never lose sight of what’s really important – Princess and the Frog
To infinity and beyond – Toy Story
Giving up is for Rookies – Hercules
Want adventure in the great wide somewhere – Beauty and the Beast
The right path isn’t the easiest one – Pocahontas
Hakuna Matata – Lion King
Bear necessities – Jungle Book
Makes the world go ’round – Sword in the Stone
Life’s no fun without a good scare – Nightmare Before Christmas
Our fate lies within us – Brave
There’s always a way to turn things around – Inside Out

Yes, I did use fun fonts. I went to which has a ton of amazing fonts. I think I downloaded about 15 different fonts!

Then it’s just print it out, I used some very fancy paper I had leftover from my Happily Ever After couples project, and frame it up. I raided some thrift stores this afternoon and found two like this. There were some flower paintings in the frame, but I cut those right out. Now I have this fun project to hang on the wall, I just need to find the right place…..

If you decide to make your own, feel free to use my wording, or make up your own. What from Disney inspires you?

Love Prints


I love doing crafts with my kids. Even if it only involves getting feet and hand prints, it’s still fun! This was a quick craft, as far as actual work required. I’ve seen a few spins on this idea, most recently featuring the Ohio outline for the “O”, but I wanted to use my kids prints for this instead.


My kids are almost too big for this craft to work. Yes, they’re only 8 and 5, but apparently feeding them Miracle Grow has side effects. My 5 year old has size 13 feet, so it’s a good thing I went big for the canvas. I used a 10×12, which was just big enough.

I painted the entire canvas red and let that dry completely. It took about a day to dry. Then came the fun part with the kids. Arthur’s hand print wasn’t too hard, one hand print and done. Chiara’s feet prints were a little harder. She has high arches, so I had to push down a little harder to get a good impression. 5 year old toes are very wiggly too, in case you didn’t know. Have an old towel on stand by too, you don’t want paint on your floors!

After the prints had dried, I used a 1″ foam brush to add the “L” and “E”. I’m really happy with how this project turned out and can’t wait to find somewhere to hang it up!

Happy crafting!