Memories of a Shirt


This was the result of a weird coincidence. I was looking through old pictures a few months ago, reorganizing mainly, when I realized that, completely by accident, Tony had worn the same shirt to the birth of both of our children. Three years apart and what are the odds? Pretty low actually, as Tony has about 70 t-shirts. As luck would have it, the shirt was still in one piece. M honey is hard on t-shirts. He finally asked me if I wanted him to set the shirt aside before it got ruined. I agreed, and set the shirt with my craft supplies. Well, there it sat for several weeks until this idea came to me.


I picked up this 12×12 shadow box at Wal-mart, along with 4×4 pictures of Tony holding the kids when they were born. It was also sweet looking at the differences in him between the kids being born.


Holding Arthur he was so amazed, that wonder on his face. We were both young when he was born, I was 21 and Tony 23, so he still had his baby face! Sorry about the glare on the frame, there was no good angle, I tried them all!


Then here, three years later, he’s all, “Yeah, they gave me another one!” I made up little slips of paper with the kids names and the date they were born.


When putting the shirt in the frame, I folded it around the fabric backdrop that came with the frame and used safety pins to hold it in place. I couldn’t bring myself to cut the shirt. Then I used more safety pins to attach the pictures. I was going to use straight pins, but I apparently don’t own any. None that I could find anyway!


For giggles, I also added another slip of paper with the date of the project. Tony found this especially amusing.

So what about you? Do you have shirts that hold special memories? Maybe a concert t-shirt? This would work well for a way to display the shirt and a picture of you meeting the band!



I cannot believe it has been over 24 hours since I saw the movie and I have yet to blog about it. Silly work, interfering with me fangirling!

I originally read the trilogy when I saw the previews for Divergent. I loved it! It destroyed me in ways that I cant fully explain to you until you’ve read/seen the movies, but I loved it!


The story picks up shortly after Divergent left off. The small group of refugees, including Four, Tris, Caleb, Peter and Marcus are seeking refuge with the Amity, those who value peace and kindness above all. I was very disappointed that one of my favorite scenes from the book was left out. I understand why, as it doesn’t contribute to the overall storyline, but the ‘peace serum’ scene was not included.

The Dauntless traitors, led by Eric and Max, show up, insisting on testing everyone to see if they are Divergent. Janine is continuing her search for all of them. Tris, Four and Caleb are able to escape, even though Peter trys to get them caught.

They board a train to the city and run into a group of factionless. After an intense fight scene, the name Tobias Eaton, Four’s true name, gets them a meeting with the leader of the factionless.

Four’s mother, who was thought to be dead, although Four knew the truth, is looking for soldiers in her coming fight with the faction system. It comes across really well that there are undercurrents, and things being left unsaid. Four refuses her offer and he, Tris and Caleb leave the next morning to seek out other Dauntless, the ones who have not joined Erudite.

On their way to Candor, where the remaining Dauntless are, Caleb decides to leave them, wanting to return to the Abnegation. Once they reach Candor, Tris and Four are put on trial, under the influence of truth serum, to determine if they are telling the truth and hopefully prevent them from being turned over to Erudite. Janine has spun a web of lies, stating that Tris and Four led the attack on Abnegation. Their innocence in this matter is proven, although other secrets are brought to light.

Dauntless traitors invade with new weapons that reveal who the Divergents are. Now they are testing the Divergents to see what percentage they are, this was not in the book and a little weird for me! They did leave in the scene between Tris saving the young girl, although it was adjusted to allow for more action.

Janine, after realizing she needs Tris, enacts a plan to force Tris into turning herself in.

The biggest difference from book and movie was the way the message from the founders was revealed.
In the movie, only a Divergent could reveal the message, after ‘passing’ sims for each of the factions.

I understand why these changes were made, as it gives them more opportunity for action sequences, without hurting the overall storyline.

Biggest letdown for me was that Four and Tris were intimate in the movie. That was a big deal for me, as they were not intimate until book three, after they leave the city. On this note however, my friend Jenna, who saw the movie with me, said she wouldn’t wait till book three if she had Theo James (Four) telling her what he told Tris!

They did an amazing job portraying the love story between these two. I mentioned it in my review of Divergent, but this is such a beautiful story of two people who complement each other, shoring up each other’s weaknesses without making the other seem weak.


If you haven’t guessed, I did love this movie and would strongly recommend seeing it! I myself am anxiously awaiting Allegiant!
Any thoughts or questions, message me!

New Photo Wall


Part of this layout was already a blog feature for me. If you’ve read any of my blogs or have met me, you understand that I’m a photo nut! Moments are precious and they go so quickly, I feel the undeniable urge to preserve them.
I don’t know if it is the fact that I had free time, the fact that the kids were watching the same cartoon for the third time or if it was because I don’t have a book to read, but I was looking at this wall, feeling suddenly that it was incomplete!
No pin to reference on this one, but just something I arranged, that I found visually appealing. What do you think?

Get Rid of Old Stains


I have a plan for some of my children’s old baby clothes. I’m not crazy mommy that kept everything, but I did keep a few of my favorite outfits for the sake of keeping them, especially their coming home outfits. I also kept a few that had fun patterns or snarky shirts, for another Pinterest type of project. I was devastated when I pulled out the bags of clothes and there were stains. The clothes were clean when I put them away! My solution, as usual, was to turn to Pinterest!
This pin explained that even if you put clothes away clean, enzymes from diaper blowouts and spit up can break down when stored and leave yucky yellow stains. Yuck! I was worried that my plan was doomed, until the original blogger explained how it can be cleaned.


All you need is OxiClean and water! I’ve used this product before, and while I’ve seen it help brighten clothes, I’ve never seen it remove stains this bad. Apparently there is a trick to using it! You start with your biggest pot, about half full of water. Boil the water, then add two scoops of OxiClean.


WARNING! Add the scoops slowly. Pour a little, let it bubble, pour some more. Yes it takes time, but if you drop one whole scoop at a time, you will get results like above, a bubbly, overflowing mess that is a pain to clean off your stove top!
After you’ve added your OxiClean, put your clothes in, ensuring that they all get soaked in the solution.
Just like with your laundry, you should separate whites, lights, darks and reds to prevent colors bleeding.
After your clothes soak for 5-10 minutes, dump the pot of water and your clothes into the washer and launder as normal.


In addition to the first picture, I had this onsie that had some epic stains come clean. Definitely something to remember if you have children. Let’s be honest, even adults need this tip for their own clothes. I have some work shirts that will be undergoing this treatment soon!
Any stains you need to ditch?