Reusable containers (Clean them off)

Reusable containers (Clean them off)

Everyone does it, you empty the butter container, wash it, and use it to store leftovers or whatever. I’m really good at collecting the Olive Garden cups. You know, the ones the kids drinks come in?? Well, we’ve got almost two dozen. The kids use them for stacking and knocking over mainly, but it’s fun! Over time, the designs begin to fade. My husband, Tony, informs me that I’m the only one who is bothered by this!
So I was very excited to find this on Pinterest!
Pinterest Directions: You pour Pure Acetone into a bowl and soak a rag in it. You wrap the rag around the container and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
Unwrap the container and use the rag to wipe away the writing. If it doesn’t come off easily, replace rag-wrap for a few more minutes, possibly adding more acetone. After writing is all off, do a normal wash and dry.
After completing the project, I have a few complaints about the process. It did work, but no matter how long you let the containers soak, you will be scrubbing hard to get the writing off. Nail polish remover will work, and after comparing nail polish remover to the pure acetone, they both work about the same.
So while at times I ask myself why I decided to do this, it was interesting. I have some clean Country Crock containers to hold my dog treats and nice clear cups for the kids to stack up and knock over.

View the original pin here

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