Take down the Imperial Tie Fighters

I think of all the games we played at Arthur’s party, this was the biggest hit. Nothing more fun than shooting Nerf guns after all! 

First things first, you need to make your Tie Fighters. I just used cardboard and super glue. It may not seem sturdy, but these held up to a deluge after the party was over! You cut out your hexagon ends, then a connecting piece with a circular shape in the middle. Super glue the pieces together as shown, then spray paint them black and you’re set!

To mount these Tie Fighters, I skewered them with simple wooden grilling skewers and stuck the skewers into garden stakes. They spun around in the wind, and the effect was really cool!
To finish up this game prep, just gather your Nerf guns and let the kids open fire. When we had a little time leftover, this is what most of the kids went back to. No higher praise among 10 year olds!
Have fun, and stay strong in your fight against the Empire!

2 thoughts on “Take down the Imperial Tie Fighters

  1. Your Rogue One ideas are fantastic!!!! My seven-year-old daughter (soon to be eight) is also having a Rogue One birthday party. We’ve had to become very inventive cake (I love to have fun with that) and activity ideas. Yup, nothing on Pinterest. Between my two daughters, we’ve had at least 5 Star Wars birthday parties, but not Rogue One. My girls (the other one is eleven) came up with the idea of stacking a bunch of CD-ROMs and have Stardust written on one. That’s the one they need to find. It’s pretty blah, but it’s cute. Sort of a Star Wars version of drawing straws. So…enter your ideas… You’re awesome!

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