Lip Sugar Scrub

Once upon a time, I had this fantastic lip scrub that got rid of all of the flaky skin that grows on your lips when you don’t use chapstick enough. It was amazing! Rub some on and rinse away the dead skin! Simple, quick and effective. Well its been years, the scrub is long gone and I’m sad. Then I stumbled cross this pin that showed me how to make my own. Tony was at a party when I got home, the kids are with my parents, so it seemed like a perfect time to make some.
You’re three ingredients, that’s right, three, are sugar, olive oil and vanilla extract. You may want some food coloring for effect, but it’s not necessary. I used it because I had it.
•3 heaping tsp of sugar
•1 1/2 tsp olive oil
•a few drops of vanilla extract
I used some of the vanilla extract we made for the holidays so I had a feel good from that one!
Mix it all together. You may have to add a little sugar for a good consistency. I added a few pinches. I also added a few drops of red food coloring for fun. This is what it looked like


It does need need to go in an airtight container for storage. I used the jars I had left over from Chiara’s birthday favors and last year’s teacher’s gifts. I could’ve done a double batch in it, but it worked for now.


See, cute! It also works great. My lips felt so smooth afterward! I may look for smaller jars and use these as a small Christmas gift…….


Homemade Sugar Scrub


This one was a little weird. It does feel pretty good rubbing it on your skin, but there is a weird residue on your skin afterward.
This is a simple mixture. You take 1 cup sugar, 3 tbsp honey, 3 tbsp olive oil and an optional tsp of ginger powder. The original pinner said that it gives a nice little tingle.
I’m a little torn over it. I am planning on using the rest of the jar, but I don’t think I’ll make anymore. It does leave a smooth feeling when used on hands and feet. Really any other body part except your face.
I really think my biggest problem with this is the fact the the elements seem to separate while it sits. I have to shake my jar prior to every use.
So my search for a homemade face scrub will continue……
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