Memories of a Shirt


This was the result of a weird coincidence. I was looking through old pictures a few months ago, reorganizing mainly, when I realized that, completely by accident, Tony had worn the same shirt to the birth of both of our children. Three years apart and what are the odds? Pretty low actually, as Tony has about 70 t-shirts. As luck would have it, the shirt was still in one piece. M honey is hard on t-shirts. He finally asked me if I wanted him to set the shirt aside before it got ruined. I agreed, and set the shirt with my craft supplies. Well, there it sat for several weeks until this idea came to me.


I picked up this 12×12 shadow box at Wal-mart, along with 4×4 pictures of Tony holding the kids when they were born. It was also sweet looking at the differences in him between the kids being born.


Holding Arthur he was so amazed, that wonder on his face. We were both young when he was born, I was 21 and Tony 23, so he still had his baby face! Sorry about the glare on the frame, there was no good angle, I tried them all!


Then here, three years later, he’s all, “Yeah, they gave me another one!” I made up little slips of paper with the kids names and the date they were born.


When putting the shirt in the frame, I folded it around the fabric backdrop that came with the frame and used safety pins to hold it in place. I couldn’t bring myself to cut the shirt. Then I used more safety pins to attach the pictures. I was going to use straight pins, but I apparently don’t own any. None that I could find anyway!


For giggles, I also added another slip of paper with the date of the project. Tony found this especially amusing.

So what about you? Do you have shirts that hold special memories? Maybe a concert t-shirt? This would work well for a way to display the shirt and a picture of you meeting the band!

T-shirt to summer shirt

T-shirt to summer shirt

This is another one of those pins that I’ve had on my board for awhile without making any attempt at getting it done. This last vacation that I just took was great for hitting some of those. We didn’t go anywhere so I was just kind of putzing around the house and decided it was time to play with some clothes!
This started as a t-shirt that I got at my brother’s Marine Corps bootcamp graduation. I love the color red and feel it looks good with my complexion (part of the reason I was a red-head for so many years). Anyway, it has the company he was with at bootcamp and it’s just a t-shirt that I enjoyed wearing to show how proud I am of my brother. However, I haven’t been wearing t-shirts too often lately, mainly because I think they make me look bulky and I’ve been trying to dress a little more mature.
Nothing about this design is mature, it does however, scream summertime!
You start with your t-shirt of choice, then cut the sleeves off as shown in the second picture. You also need to cut the seams off of the end of the sleeves. You won’t need the actual sleeves, just the seam part. Cut straight across to take the neck of the shirt off as well.
Next up, fold the top of the shirt (below where you cut the neck off) over to create a little tube. I can’t think of a better word for it, but you’re going for an opening like on a curtain. I apparently am incapable of using a sewing machine (Tony found this hilarious), so I just sewed it by hand.
Once you have your tunnels, front and back, you are going to push the seams (the ones from the sleeves that you cut into a long strip) through you’re tunnel. I used a chopstick to help with this.
Once both seams have been pushed through, sew the ends together so they are a continuous loop.
Et voila! You have an awesome summer shirt made from a t-shirt that you might not otherwise be getting much use out of. I know when the temperatures go back up, I’ll be rocking this one!
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T-shirt to fitted shirt

T-shirt to fitted shirt

I was really excited to find this pin because I have a lot of T-shirts! I used to get T-shirts on vacation for the different places we go and now I’ve reached a point where I like my shirts to fit a little better. As soon as I read the directions, all I could think was, knot blanket. If you’ve ever made a knot blanket, you can handle this one!
Directions: Pick your shirt and turn it inside out. You cut the bottom seam off so the shirt can curl a little bit. (It sounds crazy, but trust me, you want a little curl). You cut the sides of the shirt (by this I mean cut the seam off). The original pinner ‘cheated’ the sides a little (curved the seam cut to be more of an hourglass shape) so I did the same. You continue the cut around so you cut the bottom of the sleeve off. After this it’s back to the knot blanket idea. The strips are only 1 or 2″ and make sure you cut both sides at the same time so they line up! I did one side at a time to help keep me aligned. You just start knotting the strips together once they’re all cut. It will pull up on the sides, but trust me, it all works out! Once you have both sides and underarms knotted, turn the shirt right side out and put it on! You will have a few little holes on the side because it’s not seamed, but if you put an undershirt on, it gives it a cute look! Or you can be like me and realize it’s side skin and nothing scandalous!

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