Elf on the Shelf 2016: Installment 1

Iroh is back for more shenanigans. Mom can barely keep up this year!

Iroh brought some sweet treats for the kids. There were some cool games inside too.

Sweet Treats

Iroh brought the kids new waterbottles to encourage some healthy habits.

Importance of Hydration

Iroh found a good spot to see all the goings on

Bird’s eye view

Our new mouse, Brownie, was very entertaining for Iroh.

Checking out the new addition

Iroh found our sucker stash and dug right in.

Sucker anyone?

The Books A Million catalog featured a lot of nice toy options.

Browsing for toys

Iroh got off to a good start this Christmas season. We’ll wait and see what other mischief he can get in to.