Dreams of Velaris Dreamy and Co. box

Oh look, another geek box! What’s a girl to do? Obviously savor every precious thing in it!

Key chain and pin

Beautiful pouch that I have no idea what to do with

First sides of bookmarks and mini print

Second sides of bookmarks and mini print

Flick the Wick wax melt

Gorgeous artwork of Feyre and Rhysand

Is it any wonder I’m turning in to a lunatic over these geek boxes? They have such beautiful items! I need to start hanging up my artwork in my book nook. At the moment they’re just stacked up.

I know I’ve asked before, but have you ever ordered any boxes? This is my second from Dreamy and Co. and both of them have been amazing!

Sara J Maas Nerdy Post Box

Geeking out hard today!

Today in the mail I got my first Nerdy Post box in the mail! I have recently discovered these geek boxes and this is already my second Sara J Maas one. It’s such a thrill when they come in!

Morrigan quote shirt

I knew I had to get this box as soon as I saw the shirt that was included. This gorgeous Morrigan quote shirt features Illyrian wings and the three peaks and three stars of Rhysand’s tattoo. Nevermind the fact that the quote is super inspirational!

Being an awesome geek box it also included the following goodies. All of them totally swoon-worthy for a true Sara J Maas fan!

Double sided bookmark. Featuring Rowaelin and Feysand.

Carranam lip balm. Carranam is someone you can link magic with.

Beautiful Starfall enamel pin.

Amazing postcards featuring cities in both series and a coloring one.

Two quote cards, one about Aelin and one about Celaena.

Beautiful quote poster.

Really pretty sticker.

As you can see, Nerdy Post did an amazing job putting this box together!

Have you ever gotten a nerdy or geeky box? What was your favorite? If you could get one, what would you want the theme to be?

Father’s Day Gift


This is a super simple gift for daddy. I found this idea on Pinterest and I figured it would suit Tony to the ground!
All you need for this is a plain craft frame, available at any craft store or Walmart. The one I used was only $.98. You can’t beat that! I was lucky enough to find this carbon fiber looking duct tape at Walmart too.
All you do it layer the duct tape over the frame in whatever pattern you like. For the word part, I used a piece of my scrapbooking paper to write

Daddy & Duct Tape keep this family together.

I used basic grey duct tape to make the little X in the middle.
Tony loved it and it now has a place of honor on the shelf above his desk.
Simple and cute? Check! Simple gift for dad? Check!
Happy Father’s Day guys!

Flowery Teacher Gifts


Please ignore the slight wilting of the flowers. They did perk back up after a good watering and some sunlight!
This is one of many great teacher gifts that I found on this nifty little site. They had some really cute ideas, so I know I’ll be back!
All you need is two flower pots, some paint, dirt and flowers.


Start by coloring the bottom of the pot with chalkboard paint. It did take two coats to have really good coverage, but if I can do this, so can you!


Second step is to paint the rim yellow. After the yellow is dry, add little hash marks like a ruler. Tony insisted on using his tape measure for this step. I couldn’t argue since they are his paints…..
After everything is dry, pot your flower or plant of choice. Then use standard chalk to write your message. The original pinner had “Thank you for helping me grow”, but I couldn’t quite manage that. It’s tough to draw on a round flower pot with chalk!
We made these for two of the best preschool teachers in the world. We were blessed enough to have them for a total of five years between the two kids. We will sure miss them when Chiara moves to kindergarten next year!
Happy end of the school year everyone!

Peppermint Bath Fizzies


I originally intended this pin to be part of a Christmas gift. They didn’t turn out quite as pretty as I had hoped, alothough they worked pretty good, so I ended up going in another direction.
This is a really simple spa-type project you can make yourself.
All you need is:


•1/2 cup olive oil (the original pin listed several other types of oil you can use)
•1/2 cup cornstarch
•1 cup citric acid (I got mine in the canning section at Walmart)
•1 cup baking soda
•peppermint essential oil (I had to break down and go to Giant Eagle for this)
•a mold that you want to use to form your fizzies (I recommend a mini muffin pan)

Start by adding ten drops of peppermint essential oil to your olive oil. I went a little overboard with 15 drops and the smell can be overpowering!
Then you mix everything together until you get a wet sand-like texture:


Once you have a consistency you’re happy with, pack the mixture into your mold of choice.


I think my mini muffin Longaberger pan worked best! It lead to the fizzies at the top of the page.
The original pinner mentioned the possibility of plasric egg molds:


The only problem I had with this was that the two halves didn’t form a whole, so I ended up with pieces that looked like this:


They’re still usable, but not very uniform!
I’ve used one so far and it was very soothing. The smell of peppermint was very seasonally appropriate and very relaxing! The only concern I had with them was there was a slight oily residue in the tub after my bath.
I’d definitely recommend making them, even if it’s just for yourself. Maybe especially for yourself!
Happy bathing everyone! ^.^

Hot Cocoa Ornaments


This was something quick and easy I put together for the kids’ teachers this Christmas. Since discovering Pinterest, I’ve learned to love making this cute little crafts. I’ve come to realize I may not be Martha Stewart, but I have fun with the kids, so it’s all good.
The original pin turned out much cuter than mine, and I partially blame that on the fact that I couldn’t find the right ornament. I found these light bulb shaped ones at Walmart last year, wanting to use them for another craft, which I never did. Go me, right?
All you need is a hollow ornament, hot cocoa packet, crushed candy cane and marshmallows. Layer them up inside and create a cute little tag to attach.
Simple, easy and a cute little craft for your kids to assist with for their teachers.
Happy holiday season everyone!

Scarecrow Teacher Gifts


This was an adorable little craft that I found on Pinterest. The original pin, as usual, was a little cuter than mine, but we had fun making them. Well, the kids had fun playing with the paper scraps, scissors and glue sticks while I put this together.
You start with an empty Starbucks bottle, the kind that are available at the registers of grocery stores.


You will need an assortment of buttons, paper scraps and glue. I started with krazy glue, moved on to Elmer’s glue stick, then ended with hot glue. Hot glue works best!


I laid out my face design on the table first, to make sure I liked it, and really, who doesn’t like button eyes?


This was the first ‘hat’ I tried, and it was just awful! The original pin had a plastic hat as the lid, and I had an impossible time making that work, at least until Tony got involved.


Second attempt at a hat, and I thought I was going to go with this one. This was about when Tony decided to step in. The original pinner stated she colored her cups with yellow sharpie, which I did not have handy.


Enter Tony and his model paints, at least for the first hat. The other three hats he spray painted yellow for me. Thank the weather for warming up enough for spray paint!
We’ve given one of the kids’ teachers their gift, and I can’t wait to hand out the rest!
I guess the best advice with this pin is to play around until you find what works. Your face materials, the candy inside, the hat…… Whatever you want! Happy crafting!