Pin Collecting

I’m not a huge collector as a rule. I like stuff and I have an assortment of random things, but I don’t really have an “it” item that I collect. Tony has his shot glasses, the thing everyone knows to get him for souvenirs. I have a few Pop Vinyls, but only the ones I like. I have scarves, but only in patterns I love.

The closest thing I have to a collection is pins. I have a wide array, from random places, and of different types. I tried to separate into categories for the following pictures.

Peter Pan and Friends

Assorted Disney Pins

Epcot World Showcase

Disney is my biggest collection of pins. We’ve been three times with my parents and my mom is an avid pin collector. I love the pin trading that goes on, but it’s also hard for me to let go of pins because if I got a pin it’s because I want to keep it!

Universal Studios

I love the Universal parks! I don’t have as many pins from there, but it is slowly becoming more of a thing, so who knows what the future holds?

Hard Rock Café pins

I love the pins available at Hard Rock Café! Their sexy and iconic images always grab your attention. It’s also fun to see the variety available at different locations. This is another one my mother is big on!

Walmart pins

I’ve worked at Walmart for 15 years. While they don’t do pins as much anymore, I love some of the ones they’ve had in the past. My personal favorite out of this lot is the Rollback Man!

Movie pins

I have more movie pins than this, but they’re attached to different purses and such. I am way too lazy to pull them all! FYE is my favorite place to grab movie pins, but some, like my minion, can be snagged at the movie theater when they’re doing their charity drives. Isn’t he cute?

Random pins

They’re are always going to be ones that don’t belong in a category. My Marine pins and my Thousand Islands River Run pins are such. I’m hoping to do more motorcycle runs in the future, so I’ll (hopefully) be adding to that category!

Fandom pins

This is probably my favorite, albeit smallest category. For now anyway! Have you seen the Etsy selection of fandom pins? They are so beautiful, and capture moments, or quotes from some of my favorite books! I can’t wait to make this my biggest category!

What are your collectibles? Do you collect pins too? How do you store them? My mom has several binders for her Disney and Hard Rock pins, but I think I want something that I can see easier. Thoughts?

Crazy Hair for my Crazy Life

It’s been a fun summer as far as hair color goes. I was being so good, not dying my hair for years, since I cut it off to grow healthy hair. Oh well, the road is paved with good intentions….

Spring Break look

Just before spring break I had some green put in. It was an experience walking around DC and having little kids from all over the world pointing and telling me my hair was green.

Later in the summer

Later on the summer I added a hint of blue, going for more of a teal color. Originally inspired by Five from the show Dark Matter. It’s interesting to see how people react to someone with non-natural hair color. Some people love it and have positive things to say. Others just glare. I had fun with it and it was kind of exciting to be out in the sunshine with my hair such a bright color.

Going blue for the fall

Now that the kids are back in school, my teal hair was fading, I debated going red, but given how the color wheel works, decided to try blue instead.

Already I’m in love with it. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from coworkers and Facebook friends. I do things like this for me, but it’s nice to get a good response from people!

Have you ever gone a crazy color with your hair? I have a friend that is the reason our old high school has their “no crazy hair color” policy. I’ve waited till my 30s, but I’m enjoying it! The closest I’ve come to crazy previously was when I dyed my hair black. I do not have a good complexion for black hair!

Black hair is not for me!

Family Halloween

Sometimes being a parent is tough. Diapers, potty training, making them believe that vegetables have to be eaten! Ugh! Halloween is one of the many things that makes it worth it! 

My kids have been great at cooperating on family themed Halloween. I love family themed costumes. Some of our themes have included:

2016 Star Wars: Myself as Rey, Tony as Luke, Arthur as Kylo Ren, Chiara as Captain Phasma.

2015 TMNT: Myself as Donatello, Tony as Raphael, Arthur as Leonardo, Chiara as Michelangelo.

2014 Amazing Archers: Myself as Katniss  (Hunger Games), Tony as Alec Lightwood  (Mortal Instruments), Arthur as Hawkeye (Avengers), Chiara as Merida (Brave).

2013 we had to go with separate themes because we couldn’t find a costume we were looking for. Our themes were Avengers for Arthur and I, Captain America and Black Widow. Oz, the Great and powerful for Tony and Chiara, Oz and the China Doll.

2012 Batman: Myself as Harley Quinn (before it was cool), Tony as the Joker (better than this new one), Arthur as Batman, Chiara as Batgirl.

2011 we were a pirate family. This was a personal favorite!

2010 Star Wars: Tony and I didn’t dress up this year (bad mommy and daddy), but  Arthur was Darth Vader and Chiara was Leia. Funniest thing about this year was Chiara’s costume coming from Build-a-Bear!

Have you ever had a fun family Halloween theme? What was your favorite?

Minion Goggles

Originally, I did have a pin for this one. However, my friend Jenna and I completely altered this to suit our own needs so there is no longer an original reference to this craft!


My friend Jenna asked if I would help her make minion goggles for her daughter’s dance recital. They are dressing as minions for their number and for whatever reason, they didn’t buy the goggles with the costumes. We kicked around several ideas before settling on this one.
We started off with canning lids as the lenses. We tried hot gluing them together, but it didn’t adhere very well to the metal lid.


I ended up taking a piece of the elastic she had purchased for the bands and used my über basic sewing skills to attach the two lenses, for the double eyed minions anyway.
Figure out the length you need to go around your head, or your child’s head, and give yourself maybe an extra inch to sew.


Attach the elastic to your lenses, like so.


We enlisted Tony to draw the eyes, going googly, as he’s the least likely to screw them up.
We also tested a few different methods of attaching the eyes in the lens before settling on a caulking like method.


Using the insert to the lid to hold the eye in place, I used my hot glue gun to lay a layer of glue around the edge and held it tightly together for a few seconds while it set.
The girls are using the goggles as headbands, that’s why we have eyes in ours.


This is a pretty weird look, yes?


Here is a sample of our googly eyed goggles.
Like I said, I will be adding a picture of the girls in costume with the goggles and hopefully they don’t look as weird as we do!
Happy crafting all!

T-shirt Dress


I want to start by apologizing for the T-shirt in the photo. When going to do this pin, I realize there is only one XL shirt in the house, and it’s one of Tony’s work shirts.
This is super easy, but I’ve come to two conclusions. You either need to be a stick figure, like the girl in the original picture and/or you need to use bigger than a 2XL, possibly and big and tall shirt!
It’s really easy. The girl in the original photo did this over another dress, but I thought the original dress was pretty cute. You do need something to tuck into though, so I used a strapless bra. You put the shirt on, sliding your whole body through the neckline. Pull one of the sleeves up and over, tucking the whole opening of the sleeve into the neckline. The sides of the shirt will fold over, helping give the cute look along the front. Then you fold the other sleeve the same way, making sure the sleeves are tucked completely in.
Adjust as you see fit, then go about your business. I like the idea, and I think I will be hitting up a secondhand shop to pick up some really big shirts. I want to work on my upper body a little more first…..
Original picture directions can be found at

Scarf time again


This is another, what looked to be, fun knot to try with my pretty Longaberger scarf. I can without a doubt say that I will ‘knot’ be doing this one again! Lol! Bad joke, but still…
It’s way too complicated for something that looks like the ‘four-in-hand’ knot I did before. That knot is much easier!
This one you start by folding the scarf in half and put either side of the scarf over your shoulders, with the ends hanging down your back. Leave a little space, probably have the scarf hanging down to your breasts in front. Then, crossing the ends over each other, bring them back around to your front.
Take the small loop you have in front and twist it. Feed one end of your scarf through the loop from underneath and the other end from on top, then pull snug.
Like I said, complicated!
For picture instructions, which are a huge help, the original pin can be found at

T-shirt to summer shirt

T-shirt to summer shirt

This is another one of those pins that I’ve had on my board for awhile without making any attempt at getting it done. This last vacation that I just took was great for hitting some of those. We didn’t go anywhere so I was just kind of putzing around the house and decided it was time to play with some clothes!
This started as a t-shirt that I got at my brother’s Marine Corps bootcamp graduation. I love the color red and feel it looks good with my complexion (part of the reason I was a red-head for so many years). Anyway, it has the company he was with at bootcamp and it’s just a t-shirt that I enjoyed wearing to show how proud I am of my brother. However, I haven’t been wearing t-shirts too often lately, mainly because I think they make me look bulky and I’ve been trying to dress a little more mature.
Nothing about this design is mature, it does however, scream summertime!
You start with your t-shirt of choice, then cut the sleeves off as shown in the second picture. You also need to cut the seams off of the end of the sleeves. You won’t need the actual sleeves, just the seam part. Cut straight across to take the neck of the shirt off as well.
Next up, fold the top of the shirt (below where you cut the neck off) over to create a little tube. I can’t think of a better word for it, but you’re going for an opening like on a curtain. I apparently am incapable of using a sewing machine (Tony found this hilarious), so I just sewed it by hand.
Once you have your tunnels, front and back, you are going to push the seams (the ones from the sleeves that you cut into a long strip) through you’re tunnel. I used a chopstick to help with this.
Once both seams have been pushed through, sew the ends together so they are a continuous loop.
Et voila! You have an awesome summer shirt made from a t-shirt that you might not otherwise be getting much use out of. I know when the temperatures go back up, I’ll be rocking this one!
Original pin at

Scarf tying

Scarf tying

This was a lot of fun. I have a small collection of scarves, but most of them are your regular winter scarves. I’ve got a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf (yes I’m a nerd!) and a 9′ long hippy-ish winter scarf. Recently I’ve acquired a thin, summery scarf from Longaberger. It’s great to wear as a regular scarf, or it unrolls to become a thin shawl. Great for travel!
I’ve been kind of playing around with different ways to tie the scarves and was very excited about this pin. 40 ways to tie a scarf! Some of them are pretty goofy looking, but I went ahead and did 6 of them for my photo. My husband was picking on me a little, but I had fun with it!
The braid is really complicated, looks cool, but I don’t know if I could wear it out and about. The wrap and tie was pretty basic, but a nice change from the usual wrap and go I do. The girly windsor and knot row I didn’t really care for. The neck tie knot was kind of cool and I see myself doing that one. I love the four-in-hand and I will definitely be doing this in the future!
The site it nice because it gives step-by-step directions. If you want step-by-step, I will recommend this site, because it would be a really, super long blog if I did all the directions for these six styles.
Happy knotting!
Check out step-by-step directions here

T-shirt to fitted shirt

T-shirt to fitted shirt

I was really excited to find this pin because I have a lot of T-shirts! I used to get T-shirts on vacation for the different places we go and now I’ve reached a point where I like my shirts to fit a little better. As soon as I read the directions, all I could think was, knot blanket. If you’ve ever made a knot blanket, you can handle this one!
Directions: Pick your shirt and turn it inside out. You cut the bottom seam off so the shirt can curl a little bit. (It sounds crazy, but trust me, you want a little curl). You cut the sides of the shirt (by this I mean cut the seam off). The original pinner ‘cheated’ the sides a little (curved the seam cut to be more of an hourglass shape) so I did the same. You continue the cut around so you cut the bottom of the sleeve off. After this it’s back to the knot blanket idea. The strips are only 1 or 2″ and make sure you cut both sides at the same time so they line up! I did one side at a time to help keep me aligned. You just start knotting the strips together once they’re all cut. It will pull up on the sides, but trust me, it all works out! Once you have both sides and underarms knotted, turn the shirt right side out and put it on! You will have a few little holes on the side because it’s not seamed, but if you put an undershirt on, it gives it a cute look! Or you can be like me and realize it’s side skin and nothing scandalous!

It occurred to me that some of you might want to see the original pins so feel free to follow me on Pinterest at ads061006

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