Make Your Home Smell Like a Bakery

I tried 2 methods of this today, as I had 2 pinned. Both involved vanilla extract and promised to make your home smell like a bakery. I was a little disappointed with both, although it was fun to use my homemade vanilla extract! I have a few jars left over from last Christmas.


The first method requires a coffee cup and vanilla extract. Yes, that’s a happy bunny mug! You place 2 capfuls of vanilla extract in the mug and place in your 300° oven for 1 hour. It wasn’t working very well, so I added more vanilla, still no noticeable smell. I found this trick to try here.


Second method involves a small pan of water, vanilla extract and cinnamon. You simmer them together and the smell is supposed to spread throughout the house. The kitchen smelled pretty good with this one, but it didn’t really spread. For the life of me, I can’t remember where I found this idea, but if I find the link again, I’ll update the reference.
If you guys have any other tips, please let me know, because for right now, I’m back to my trusty candles. They make the whole house smell good, and all I have to do is light the wick!

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