Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

I have been looking forward to completing this pin for a while. I thought to myself, how freaking cool would this be for a Christmas present? Something quick and really easy that the whole family can contribute to.


We started with the above supplies. Vanilla beans and 4oz Boston jars from, Svedka Vanilla Vodka. The original pinner recommended Svedka, mentioning later on that she’s used different alcohols for this. When we were at the state store, they had Vanilla Vodka, and we figured that would be perfect.



The kids had a lot of fun helping me cut the beans up. You need 2 beans per jar and you cut them in half length wise and across, giving you 8 pieces per jar.


We started out measuring the recommended 1/2 cup of vodka per jar. Tony was concerned it wouldn’t fit, but after seeing exactly where it hit on the jar, he just started eyeballing it.


After putting the kids to bed, he had to run out for a second bottle of vodka to finish up the jars we had. He actually did the majority himself because “it’s simple and kind of fun.”
We had a lot of vanilla beans leftover and I was instructed to order more jars! He vacuum sealed the remaining ones to keep them fresh.


Once your jars are complete, you should place them in a window so that they can ‘steep’ for about a month. So if you’re thinking about doing this for a Christmas gift, hop to!
The original pinner didn’t get her’s done in time, so she used a ‘don’t use till’ tag. We lined ours up in front of our aloe plants so they will get plenty of light!
I loved this one! It’s quick and easy, as previously stated, and best of all, Tony liked it enough to take over. Lol!
*Update* 12-21-13 Now that the vanilla has been sitting for months now, we decided to put the labels on the bottles and start giving them away. Once again, Tony took over the process, but it was a quick one, no matter who was doing this!
Get your holiday spirit on a little early and try this one out. Check out to see the amazing labels I ordered to go on my vanilla extract, and maybe order some of your own.
Also, be sure to check out the original pin at

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