Get the Wrinkles Out


Notice how beautiful and wrinkle free my shirt is? I sure as heck didn’t iron it! I hate ironing. Tony, in fact, does the ironing that needs doing, mainly because I refuse.
This morning was a bit busy. Before work, both kids had dentist appointments. Normally, I don’t mind a few wrinkles, as my vest covers them up, but I wasn’t going to wear the vest to the dentist. My shirt was really bad:


Embarrassing much? I knew I couldn’t wear this, and I knew I had a pin about getting wrinkles out fast.


Two ice cubes, the clothing that needs un-wrinkled, and 5-10 minutes in the dryer.
Seriously, that’s it! The original pin says 5 minutes, but the minimum on my dryer is 10, so that’s what I went with. As you can tell from the first picture, it worked like a charm. Even Tony was impressed!
Enjoy your laziness, don’t iron!

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