Changeable Art Frame


This is a super simple craft. I’m not really sure why it has taken me so long to do this one, except maybe I was just waiting for the right frame……


I received a lot of these horse pictures from a family member. They didn’t expect me to hang up the horse picture, they just knew I enjoy pictures and all things related.
The beautiful picture shown above, not the horse, was created by my son last year in kindergarten. I wanted to hang it up, but don’t actually have an ‘art area’ other than bedroom doors. I felt this deserved a little more prestige, than some tape stuck to the back. This lead me back to this idea of a pin, since I now possess the frames!
Really simple process:
•Remove back of frame
•Remove the glass if there is any
•Insert nails, 2 for each row of pictures you would like
•Tie fishing line between nails
•Use desired style of clips to suspend picture(s)

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