Crayon Heart Canvas


This was an interesting pin that wasn’t so much specific instructions as a general idea of things to do with school supplies. I did fall in love with this crayon heart, so of course I had to try it! When buying the kids school supplies this year, I already had to buy four 24 packs of crayons for Arthur. I was a little peeved that he needed so many for first grade! For this craft I bought myself:
•96 pack of Crayloa crayons (I like the brand name on the wrapper, and let’s be honest, the wax is higher quality!)
•Some mini hot glue sticks for my glue gun
•One 2 pack of 12×16 canvases
All of my supplies, of course, came from Walmart.
You will also need
•Your hot glue gun
•A sheet or newspapers to cover your work surface
•A  hairdryer


The first thing I did was to lay out my crayons in a color fan. It doesn’t have to go in order, obviously, but it will be easier if you have your chosen order laid out.


I did have enough crayons to do both canvases with the 96 pack, that’s why the colors are different in the pictures.
I tried points in first, but it didn’t work as well as I had hoped.


I ended up creating a stencil, to help with the heart shape, and it looked much nicer with points out.


After all of your crayons are glued down, you will need to use hot glue for staying power. Be sure to lay a sheet or newspaper down to prevent wax buildup on your surfaces. Then you start melting with a hairdryer.
I did have the kids help, but they got bored quickly, as this is time consuming!
Prepare yourself for some monotony!


The kids and I were quite pleased with the finished product, despite the time put in.
This one has survived since creation, but unfortunately, the other one fell victim to a dog that eats crayons. ZUKO!!
The photo included in the first picture was added much later, as this one will be a gift for my mother. I feel no guilt in posting this pre-Christmas as she specifically asked for this, after seeing my crafting pictures.
It’s a lot of fun, and I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be as time consuming with a newer hairdryer. Mine is 10 years old and doesn’t get much use.
Happy crafting all!

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