Crayon Rainstorm


I’ve done a melted crayon craft before for my blog, but this was different enough to warrant it’s own blog, don’t you agree? The original pin was an etsy listing that is no longer available. I try to take interesting designs, or things on etsy and try to figure out how it’s done. I will be the first to say that the original picture looked much prettier than mine.


See what I mean? I have my theories on how they did this now, you know, after I finished mine, but maybe I’ll test that theory on another blog.


I started by finding a silhouette that I liked on the interent and printing it on plain paper. Sizing it to the size I needed it pixelated it a little bit, but I was going to trace it on cardstock anyway.


I did figure out where on the canvas I wanted my silhouette and layered packing tape over that area, hoping to prevent crayon wax from covering it.


I dug into our bag of crayons for the broken and worn out crayons. The ones the kids don’t use because they are too small. I peeled the labels, broke some of them into smaller pieces, and used my hot glue gun to attach them to my canvas. Hot glue may not have been the ideal choice, or I used too much. But the heat partially melted the crayons, you know, in that second before it solidifies again? Also when the last of the crayon melted away, some of the glue remained. I didn’t want to peel it off as it would leave a white spot in my “rain”.
Then it’s time to dig out your hairdryer. High heat, low speed if you can. Too much speed, or blowing power, and the crayon will fly off the canvas. When it did, I placed the crayon back on with no glue and used a lower setting on the blow dryer.


IMPORTANT TIP: Protect your work surface! Last time I did this I used an old bedsheet, but a paper bag or trash bag works just as well. If you do get crayon of a surface, providing it’s not carpet, it’ll scrape right off, but save yourself the cleanup.


When I was done melting my crayons, i peeled off my tape, and as you can see, some wax bled under it.


My solution was to use some white cardstock as my clean background. If you do this, shape the top around the top of your umbrella and straight down from the edges.
Attach your silhouette to your canvas, I used hot glue again, and you’re done!
It occurred to me while I was doing this that a deeper meaning of this could be that you can survive the storms of life together, but that’s just me being all mushy!
Happy crafting you guys!

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