Keepsake Memory Jar


As I was completing this craft, I looked up the original pin and realized I scaled this craft down a lot! The original idea was a lot more fancy, with more scrapbooking type stuff in it. I was still very happy with my final project!


When we were in Surfside, SC for my friend Mia’s seaside wedding, I gathered a bunch of shells and sand, with the intent of completing this pin when I got home. The above picture is my kids’ yellow bucket full of sand.


Once home, and after inventory at work was past, I raided my stash of glass jars. *I have some tips on recycling old pickle jars and such that I’ll be covering later* I also got 2 wallet sized pictures of Tony and I to feature in my memory jar, I taped the pictures together, back-to-back so the picture would be visible no matter how the jar is positioned. The lid is just spray painted white. When I start making some of these up as gifts,  Tony will be doing the spray painting, as I still suck at it!
After getting your supplies together, it goes pretty much as you would expect. Sand in the bottom, picture set down into the sand in the center, shells scattered around the top of the sand and some scrapbooking stuff to reference the date and location of the trip. Then you seal it up!
I can’t wait to make up some more of these, but sadly, I am dependant on Tony to complete the painting. Until then……..

A few weeks after completion, I decided to add Tony’s brightly colored boutonniere to my memory jar. It is artificial flowers and peacock feather, so I didnt want to get rid of it, and most importantly, it adds a bright spot of color!
Happy crafting folks!!

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