Longaberger Flameware

Longaberger Flameware

We can call this a product plug, or we can call this my review of a product. I prefer to call it the latter. I’ve been in love with Longaberger products since I was around 8 years old. I got my first basket as payment for babysitting for a Longaberger consultant. I still have it and use it to hold my daughter’s hair-ties. Their products are sturdy and long lasting. They are a little pricey, until you realize that you will have these baskets, or other products, FOREVER! I’ve only had to have one basket repaired and that was a result of a puppy attack……
September 2012, Longaberger released their Flameware line. I hadn’t heard that much about ceramic cookware, but I’ve done some research on it since the release. Ceramic cookware is the wave of the future. Your average metal cookware, such as Pampered Chef (which I own a set of) or your average Wal-Mart pans, over time will break down and metal will leech into your food.
Normally I don’t follow these health worries. I’m more of the, if I don’t think about it, it’s less likely to happen! Silly and childish, but I can deal with it!
Price-wise, Longaberger Flameware, their ceramic cookware, is competitively priced, especially considering standard Longaberger quality. Before these products became available for sale, they offered the 11 1/2″ skillet as a sales incentive. I was very happy to get one. At first I was terrified of breaking it, but it’s sturdier than you would think ceramic cookware would be.
I think my favorite feature is that it reduces cooking time. I’m able to cook chicken faster, and at a lower temperature. We eat a lot of chicken in this house, so this is a big selling point for me! I was a little upset that the skillet didn’t have a lid, but they have recently released a lid, so that dilemma has been resolved.
Another big selling point is on the braiser, both dutch ovens, and now the lid to the skillets. The lids have little bumps on the bottom. You know when your cooking with a lid on your dish and you pull the lid off and the moisture just runs to whichever side you tilt? I’ve always hated this! These bumps however allow the moisture to drip back down onto your food, helping keep your meets moist.
Flameware is also available in all the Longaberger pottery colors (as seen in the picture), however the company is trying to resolve some problems with the lighter colors staining. Really this problem only exists on the white and yellow ones.
The Flameware does need to be ‘treated’ when you get it, but this is so simple it hardly bears mentioning. They give simple directions in the paper that comes with any Flameware purchase.
Longaberger now has a line including the 11 1/2″ skillet and lid, the braiser, the 2 1/2 qt dutch oven, the 4 qt dutch oven, a 8″ skillet and lid and a pizza stone. The best part of all of these products? They are Longaberger vitrified plus! They are safe for your freezer, dishwasher, oven, grill, stovetop and they look beautiful on your tabletop! Every piece comes with small rubber ‘oven guards’ for lack of a better word. They don’t go in the oven, but they allow you to remove your dishes from heat without using oven mitts.

To see more of these awesome products check this out or send me a message so I can give you some answers.
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    • The factory owners announced that they will be closing the plant. There are some negotiations going on with other pottery factories. The Buffalo area has many plants that produce pottery so there are a lot of options!

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