Longaberger Pottery

So, I’ve talked about Longaberger Flameware before and how much I love it. Now it’s time to talk about their pottery. The Flameware is a relatively new product for Longaberger, but their pottery is a longterm product for them. My mom has owned them for years and I’m here to tell you that they are sturdy! I have distinctive memories of my dog, Canada, picking the bowls off the counter and finishing the leftovers. She never broke one.
The patterns of pottery have evolved over the years, to settle onto solid colors.


Some of the colors are cornflower (blue), paprika (red), sage (green) and several others. They occasionally bring back special or retired colors too. The variety of colors means that they can fit into every kitchen theme or decor. I personally have no specific color theme in my kitchen, so I own a variety of pottery colors!
An awesome feature about the pottery is the versatility. It’s dishwasher, freezer and oven safe. Dishwasher safe is a necessity for me! I can barely stand having to hand wash wine glasses! Freezer safe is always good for the pottery casserole dishes because you can prep and freeze enchiladas or lasagna and when your ready to eat them, pop them straight into the oven!


Another fun perk of the oven safe feature, more recently discovered, is that the personal size pizzas fit perfectly on the luncheon plates! This is also one of the colors they bring back occasionally, eggplant.
There is a wide variety of pottery products available through Longaberger. Everything from salt & pepper shakers, butter dishes, all the way to casserole dishes. If you want to see the full line and all options, you can check them out here.
We’ll call this another product plug, but I have been using my pottery quite a bit over the last few weeks, so it’s on my mind. Why wouldn’t I share this with you??

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