Christmas Vacation Christmas Card


This was actually Tony’s idea. He pitched it for our Christmas card and I loved it! I was only introduced to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation a few years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. Of course to prep for the photos, we had to watch the movie in October to pick our shots.


Tony, of course wanted the iconic moment of plugging in the lights. Easy enough to set up: you need an extension cord, winter wear and a ball cap.


I chose the kitchen cleanup, with the added bonus of a guilty looking dog. This involves a little more setup: tipped over trash can, an empty trash bag and pieces of garbage. I made sure I had some non-disgusting trash to spread around my kitchen floor. I tried to include both dogs, but my husband’s dog took one look at the mess and ran away, afraid to get blamed I guess……


Arthur’s was fun too, involving very little prep work. Take some lights and roll them up. I wrapped 3 strands of these lights around a winter hat to give it a fuller look. Then make sure you have a ski cap and you’re all set.


Chiara’s I think was the cutest one, as far as least disastrous anyway! We did a little twist on Ruby Sue’s enjoyment of The Night Before Christmas.

All in all, Tony had a great idea for a Christmas card and it came out beautifully. Way to go honey!

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