Elf on the Shelf 2015: Installment Four


Iroh played some pretty silly games his last week with us this year. He tried disguising himself as a present under the tree. The kids needed help finding him!


This was a grab and hide, I guess. Just somewhere to watch the goings on in the house. This is the ice/water dispenser on the refrigerator.


Iroh found Tony’s iPod and Chiara’s headphones sometime the night before. He was just rocking out on the couch when we got up that morning!


Apparently you do not upset the nutcrackers! They don’t get mad, they get even. Thankfully they used painters tape! I’d be mad if they messed up the paint in my living room!


Holy cow Iroh! What were you thinking?! Although, ziplining does look fun. I might want something a little more secure than a candy cane though……


First the nutcrackers, now Queen Elsa? Why do you keep making people mad Iroh? At least he thawed quickly, Chiara was a little upset over him being frozen.

It’s been fun Iroh! I can’t wait till you come back next year…..

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