Time Stood Still


This is an idea I’ve had pinned to my decor board forever! I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but finally found the clocks and frames I wanted for it.
I’m sad to say I can’t reference the original blogger. This is a beautiful idea, but Pinterest won’t connect me because it’s ‘spam’.
To start with, you need clocks you like, frames you like and an open expanse of wall. I found these beautiful and inexpensive clocks at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Only $9.99 a piece! That’s $1 more than Walmart’s cheapest, and it’s so much prettier! I found my frames at Walmart.
I also dug out my Cricut for this project! It’s been packed away for far too long. I had to order adhesive vinyl from Amazon, apparently no one in this area carries it in store any longer. Amazon has better deals anyway!
I had the clocks first, and I couldn’t resist setting them to the correct time right away!


Tony and I were married at 1pm, Arthur born at 1:43, Chiara at 2:35.
Then I took my Cricut and adhesive vinyl and cut out letters for:


To top everything off:
In these moments time stood still.


Anthony & Stephanie
6 10 06
Then I picked a favorite picture from our wedding day.


Arthur Blaise
4 13 07
I chose a sweet picture of Arthur the day we brought him home.


Chiara Yue
5 3 10
And of course a sweet picture of Chiara when we brought her home!

I apparently suck at putting words in a straight line, but I love how this turned out!

Do you think something like this would work for you?
Happy decorating!

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