Sugar Skull Barbie


This was something funny I originally saw on facebook. After The Book of Life came out, I’ve been falling more and more in love with them. They’re bright, colorful and the meaning behind them is beautiful as well.
We have quite a few barbies floating around the house. Most of them are from my own childhood, now housed in Chiara’s room.


Within the last few days, one barbie ran afoul of the dog. Tony has decided it was Zuko, and he’s probably right.


I can’t claim to be the painter. I have less than zero skills when it comes to painting.
We’ve still got a little work to do with this one, finding a way to hang the head, Tony’s thinking to hang it from a car’s rearview. We’ve also got another doll head in the works, a doll who just can’t keep her head on straight. He actually took the time to dye her hair black too……
Updates to follow!

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