Shells of Wisdom


This was a spinoff of an idea I found on Pinterest, of course! The original photo, which unfortunately didn’t link to anything, showed bigger shells that people could more easily leave a message on. I was hoping to find bigger ones, but we had a small planning window.
The idea of this is to give the bride and groom, or in this case, the engaged couple, something small and decorative to remember the event and who came. My husband and I still have our wedding guest book, but it’s been in the top of the closet since we moved into this house. Tony’s cousin actually had stones for guests to sign.
Sticking to the seaside theme, I wanted to use shells. I was able to find a bag of shells at Pat Catans, a craft store we have here, and they were big enough for people to sign there name, and maybe leave a short message. We made a small sign, with the same background as the invite, to let guests know what is going on, otherwise the shells can easily be mistaken for part of the decor.
After the party, and ensuring everyone had signed a shell, I brought them home to find a jar to place them in.


If you’re using bigger shells, or stones, you can use a bowl or vase to keep them in too. This makes a nice, decorative reminder of the great time you had!
Just a quick little blurb, hope you all enjoy!

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