Seaside Bridal Shower

I’m trying to remember now if I’ve ever mentioned my dear friend Mia in my blog before……. it’s possible, but I just can’t remember! For those of you who don’t know, this is Mia:


Hopefully you can figure out that she’s the one in the dress! The handsome gentleman next to her is her fiancé Kevin. I was so excited when Mia told me that they were getting married! They’ve been together for several years now and are wonderful together.
Early in the ‘planning’ process, I asked Mia if I could play with Pinterest on her behalf. So there was wedding input, believe me! They’re having an ultra simple beach wedding in a little over two weeks. She brought up a bridal shower, which was going to be even more fun to plan, as there would be more than 10 people there!


Kevin’s cousin and I put our heads together with Mia’s mother to plan a seaside shower for the happy couple! Mia’s mom got very excited and into it, so thankfully we were able to use there house to hold the shower.
This will lead to a short series of posts, as I used a lot of Pinterest ideas for the party. The general theme and decor however, can be covered in this first introductory post.
The food was pretty simple, and as it was a lot of family invited, varied greatly with guest contributions! Delicious though, oh so delicious! The cupcakes were Betty Crocker, the icing my mother’s, by way of Wilton, and they were fun to decorate! I used a Ziploc bag of icing, with the corner cut open, and used whatever pattern popped into my head. It brought to mind the ocean, as it does whatever it wants too!


For part of the decor, I used pictures of the couple, starting with younger pictures on the outside and working toward a picture of them in the middle. This is always a nice way to let family see them both, as the guests may not always know a lot about the significant other. At least the progression from child to now can be seen!


This was a brilliant idea from Mia’s mother! Have envelopes available as guests come in, so they can fill out their own address. This makes it easier for the couple to send out those oh-so-important thank-yous!


I was lucky that Mia’s parents had a ton of inexpensive frames (formerly from his card stand) around the house so we could use them to inform the guests what’s going on.


See what I mean??
I will be going into more details about the things we had going on, like the favors referencing the idea, today was really about introducing the theme and showing the overall look.


I’ll end this post, showing off the invites I made up. I found this picture in several locations online, I was unable to locate the original location, but it can be found through Bing or Google.
Just like in the kids’ birthday invites, I opened the picture and had the writing overlap the picture. This always takes me some time to get it right, but I’m always so happy when it turns out.
I’ll be back soon with more input on the favors and games we had.

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