DIY Bath Salts

This was a fun little pin that I’ve had on my Gifts board for a while now. I don’t usually have Epsom salt in the house, but I figured I would get to this one around Christmas. Along comes Mia’s bridal shower and I get to play sooner!


We were going for a seaside theme, so I did alter the original recipe of lavender bath salts to suit that theme. Recipe calls for:
6 cups of kosher or epsom salts
I went with epsom.
3/4 cup of body wash (in chosen scent)
I used Equate Spring Fresh bodywash.
1 Tbsp of olive oil or coconut oil
I used olive oil (because I had it).
Optional 2-3 drops of essential oils.
I didn’t use any because I couldn’t figure out what would compliment ocean scent.
Optional food coloring
I used blue, again to stick with the ocean theme.


You stir it all together until you get a soupy mess. I was initially worried that it was too soupy, but you have to have faith in the pins! (At least the first try!)


Chiara loved helping me stir it all together.
Then you spread it out on a cookie sheet to dry. Directions said a lined sheet, but I love to skip steps!


First batch I had serious concerns about it drying, so I sat it in the sun. What I failed to realize is that it does look a little gooey, even when it’s dry. It should take about 24 hours to dry just sitting inside (that’s how long batch two took).


Arthur had fun helping me break up the first batch. All you do is dig in with your hands, break up any clumps, then place in air tight containers.


Tony decided it was more efficient to use a spatula, then he proceeded to streamline my jarring process. I love when he gets involved in my Pinterest projects. It’s really funny when he takes over, like when we made vanilla extract last Christmas.
All in all this was a super simple pin and it has huge potential for gift giving. Even if you’re just making some for your own use! For use of this you just pour a 1/4 cup under hot running water and step two is to enjoy!
Be sure to check out the original pin here.

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