Roll of Bags

You know how when you go grocery shopping and you end up having hundreds of bags at home? Well, I work at Walmart so it’s really bad for me. I’m getting better about taking my reusable bags, but it is nice to have bags on hand for odd reasons. Going to the pool and bringing home a wet suit? Put it in a bag! Kids have an accident and you need to store wet pants? Put it in a bag! Doggy doo pickup? Put it in a bag!
The only problem is, you end up with a bag of bags, tie it off and it gets lost in the bowels of your basement or storeroom. This is the solution to that problem!


This is a way for you to roll up your bags, theoretically place them in a wipes dispenser (the round kind), it’ll dispense one at a time and leave you with another end to pull.
It’s fairly simple to do, it just requires space and patience.


You start by laying the bag flat and soothing it out. Be sure to check for holes now because you don’t want to waste your time rolling up a torn bag.


Next step is to fold the bag in half.


Then you lay your bags out like so. The handles lying over the bag above it.


Before you start rolling your first bag, take the handle and flip it, like so.


Then you just roll them up. Don’t focus so much on tightness. There will be a little air caught in the bags, no matter how careful you are and if you roll too tightly it can burst a bag. Just focus on rolling as evenly as possible.
Et voilà!
You have a homemade bag dispensing system, easily portable and easily used. As I didn’t have a round dispenser handy, I just used some hair elastics to hold everything in place. It’s working so far…..
If you want to, check out the original pin here.

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