My Fatal Flaw

So tonight isn’t about Pinterest. It’s not about an awesome recipe I want to share, or some awesome craft I did with the kids. It’s not even about someplace cool I was able to fill out. Tonight is about a realization I had about myself.


I have a fantastic life. I have a husband that tells me I’m beautiful, and shows me how much he loves me every day. I have two amazing kids that irritate and amaze me all the time. I couldn’t ask for more.


Yet more I have! I have wonderful parents, who are loving and willing to help out however they can. They love spending time with and spoiling their grandkids and we manage to see each other a few times a year, despite the distance.


My blessings continue with the best in – laws a girl could have. They are also supportive and loving people who stay an active part in our lives despite a great distance. Most people complain about in – laws, but in almost eight years of marriage, I’ve had no problems!
Amazing life, right?
Self awareness kicked in slowly over the last few days. I’ve been devouring the Percy Jackson series (blog to follow), and one of the problems these young heros are faced with is the fatal flaw that all heros have. It can be anything from the obvious (such as pride) to the unexpected (devotion, which can be bad if it goes too far beyond rational).
I was playing through plot lines in my head, like I do sometimes, and it hit me, like a bolt of lightning, what my fatal flaw is.


I deal with life situations, or hear people venting about things, usually annoyances, and I feel superior. I do my best to be supportive and give valid advice, it’s almost always appreciated, so I can feel good about the advice I give. This leads to a certain amount of superiority. I mean, I’m the one that gives all this amazing advice, that helps people with their lives.
The part I am really not ok with, is the part of me that thinks silently

This would never happen to me

The one side of my brain registers this as something that’s ok because it means I appreciate what I have. The other half is saying, this will lead to the dark side.
I hate feeling this way, and that means I have to make a change.
Starting today, I will be eliminating some things from my life that lead to these feelings of superiority. Certain things have been consistently causing me to embrace my fatal flaw.
I’ll try to avoid backsliding, focusing on things that give me good feelings and general contentment.
After all, good heroes must beware their fatal flaw. It always leads to their downfall.

One thought on “My Fatal Flaw

  1. It took me a bit to figure out what my comment was going to be. Consider yourself extremely blessed. Not many people are as fortunate to have all the of things that you have and if they do they may not realize it or take it for granted. It’s good that you are able to offer your friends solid advice. Just know that you are not immuned to bad things that may happen. All of the wonderful things that you have been blessed with can disappear in a moment. God has a plan so as long as you are willing to take the good with the bad when it ebbs and flows, that is awesome.

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