Frozen Party


So it occurred to me that I missed a post about baby girl’s birthday. Horrible right?!
What you see above is the invitation I worked up for her to take to school. It took me longer than it should’ve to figure out how to put a picture as the background in Microsoft Word! I had the same problem with Arthur’s invites too! I was really excited about how they turned out though, as was Chiara! She was so sad that I didn’t let her take them to school that day.


This next step didn’t excite me as much. As with Arthur’s birthday, I purchased a king size sheet for a backdrop. This time I got a white one and had Tony spray paint it with glitter. In retrospect, a teal or light blue sheet with glitter would’ve been better. The glitter refused to show on the white! At the moment I have no future use for this sheet, but I’m sure Pinterest will save me!


Streamers were easy enough, so I trusted Tony with those. We used a simple blue and white, twined together. He did great with Arthur’s streamers unsupervised and he was once again successful.


This one was a gift / party wear from her Nana & Papa. I had the thought to put it on the cake as decor, but she was so insistent on wearing it, I didn’t want to make her cry on her birthday! The only way it would’ve been better is if she would’ve agreed to wear her Elsa dress.
I do want to have a short sidebar here stating that the Elsa tiara is the best yet. I’m not even talking about how it looks, even though it is gorgeous. It is by far the sturdiest one, featuring aluminum as a material. Don’t worry! This is not a chincy tiara that will break in a week!
Most of these ideas were self thought up after browsing assorted sites so no original pin to reference. I hope you enjoy any partying you come up with!

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