Get Rid of the Cat Smell


I imagine this would work with all bad smells in your carpet, but I know for sure that it will get cat urine smell out of a carpet.
I was recently in NC visiting my mom and dad, and they are the owners of three cats. One of them was my own sweet Neo, one is a demonic animal named Kenua they picked up in Hawaii and the other is Morpheus, who we adopted from a friend while I was still in school.
Morpheus has some issues. He hates change, he hates Kenua and I’m pretty sure he hates everyone except my parents. When faced with situations he is unhappy with, he pees. There was a patch of carpet near my parents fireplace that he routinely used. While there, I decided to try out a Pinterest tip that links back to
I adjusted a little bit, skipping a step as I didn’t feel it was necessary and I was correct. You start by blotting up any excess cat urine and ensuring the area is dry. I didn’t have to do this, as this was a lingering smell in the carpet.
Second step is to whip up a vinegar / water solution. 3 parts water – 1 part vinegar. Soak the area of carpet that smells. I didn’t have a spray bottle available to I poured my vinegar mixture over the area and scrubbed it into the carpet with a brush. I let it sit in the carpet until it was dry to the touch.
After its dry you sprinkle baking soda over the area and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. I ended up letting it go for 30 minutes, but it doesn’t really matter if you go over!
Once it has sat long enough, you just vacuum it up. After I was finished vacuuming I was down on the floor like I was in a Febreeze commercial. It was amazing! Not a whiff of cat urine!
If you have a smell sticking around your house from a frisky feline, try this! Get rid of that nasty smell and go back to loving everything about your cat!
Happy sniffing *finally*

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