Ice Cold Beer


I know I had this pinned at one point and now I can’t find it. I hate when that happens! It was a super simple pin that I remembered over vacation.
I started my vacation in NNY (Northern New York for those who don’t know) from Friday – Sunday. Sunday I drove our new / used truck home to catch a flight to NC on Monday.
I went to NC for my baby brother’s promotion, but I still had some down time to hang out with my cousin. He picked up some beer one afternoon and drank one at room temperature. He said something about he wished he had bought the cold ones. My Pinterest minded brain jumped straight to this solution!


All you need is your beer, paper towels and water. Most people can come up with these supplies. You also need room in your freezer!
Easiest way to do this is to wrap a paper towel around your beer, then run some water over it until it’s all wet. Then put it in your freezer for 5 minutes. Et voilà! Ice cold beer.
Big tip though: don’t leave the beer in there too long, it will freeze solid and you will have a long wait for your beer!
Enjoy your drinks!

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