So I don’t know if it’s come across yet through my blogs, but I’m a total fangirl! I’ve been one since before the term existed! I tend to jump in with both feet and fall completely in love with a world while reading the books. I psych myself out for the movies and I die a little when it’s over. *sigh* It’s a beautiful life I lead! Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games and OMG, here comes Divergent!
I usually see the first movie, then I go out, read every book and cry when there are no more! Or at least sigh over the loss if it was a happy ending. This time around, I wanted to read the books first. I had seen previews for the movie and wanted to see it. When I caught on that it was based off of a trilogy, I decided to read the books before seeing the movie. The books were so amazing, I devoured all three in four days!
For those that aren’t aware, it’s a story about a dystopian society, where everyone is split into five factions: Erudite (the smart ones), Candor (the honest ones), Amity (the kind ones), Abnegation (the selfless ones) and Dauntless (the brave ones). The factions were formed after ‘the war’ based on what lead to the war. Ignorance, lies, mean – spirited – ness, selfishness or cowardice.
All teenagers are tested to see where their aptitude lies. Then they choose what faction to belong to. The heroine of of the book Beatrice Prior is the rare person who has aptitude for multiple factions, in other word Divergent.
She is warned to hide this fact, because Divergent are considered dangerous.
She makes the choice to join Dauntless. The initiation is brutal and she rises to the challenge. She is helped through by her instructor, who senses what she is. Four, the instructor with a past of his own, becomes a strong ally and helps her hide what she is.
Once initiation is complete, Tris, as Beatrice becomes known, and Four must stop something horrible from happening to their city. I hate giving away to much, and I feel this is a fair synopsis. My blog, so there you go!


There are several amazing scenes in this movie! The ziplining scene, an unofficial part of initiation, was so beautifully done! The adrenaline rush I feel every time I watch this scene is probably the biggest one I’ve had during a movie.
*PARTIAL SPOILER* If you’ve read the books, you will understand what I mean: This scene also makes me a little teary eyed as I think about what Tobias (Four) does for Tris at the end of Allegiant….. Too many feels to linger long on that subject!! *END SPOILER*
I know with book – to – movie deals, there are always complaints over casting, or cut scenes, etc.. I’ve learned to roll with it. I actually was joking with my cousin earlier about this fact. My final decision is that they need to make a regular two hour version for people that didn’t read the books and an all inclusive six hour version for the super fans! Who’s with me?!


Something else amazingly inspiring about this book / movie is the individual character strength. I enjoyed this in The Hunger Games as well, but this was even more extreme. This scene in particular summed it up for me. She’s running along the train, he reaches for her. She says, “I’ve got it” as she goes to jump in. He responds, “I know you do” then wraps his arm around her to pull her up. Both of these characters are individually strong, but with weaknesses. Instead of covering the weaknesses for each other, which there is nothing wrong with that, they teach each other to shore up the weaknesses. Four knows Tris is not strong. Instead of jumping into fights for her, he teaches her to use her speed to compensate. Tris knows Four was abused as a child, but doesn’t treat him like ‘a kicked puppy’, instead realizing that he may be damaged by it, but he’s still strong. It’s just amazing to me that Veronica Roth could write such amazing characters! Rivaling my very favorite Nora Roberts!
If you’re a reader, read the books! They’re listed as young adult, but I’m 28 and enjoyed them. My Nana also loved them! If you don’t read (I seriously think you just haven’t found the right book) at least see the movie! It has it all, so be prepared to enjoy!

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    The Divergent Series: Divergent Review
    I will start by saying the only reason I brought home Divergent, the first installment in this series is because I knew my husband wanted to watch it. He is really good about watching any chick flick or dramatic movie I like so I figured I would return the favor to him and picked something in his wheelhouse. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked these movies. I’m have reblogged my girlfriend’s post about this as we share similar thoughts on this. The Insurgent review that follows will be my personal thoughts. Enjoy.

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