Doggy High Five


This is my Zuko. You may have seen him before in my pin about Sallie the Civil War Dog, check it out at an we got him back in February. He’s around 9 months old, and more than a little high strung. We’re working on a few tricks and he is doing pretty well with the basics. Sit, lay down and stay when he feels like it!
I found this pin a few weeks after we brought him home from the rescue and I thought, what the heck?!
The trick with this is to start with the basics. You teach your dog to sit. Easiest way with this is to have a treat in your hand and slowly run your hand along the top of his head and his butt will naturally go down. Repetition is key, as with any trick. Always say ‘sit’ in a firm voice and gradually try with just the word. Zuko has finally gotten to the point that he’ll sit with a hand signal!
Then you move on to ‘shake’. This is accomplished once he’s mastered sit. Once your dog is sitting, pick up his paw and say ‘shake’. After more repetition, try just holding your hand out and say ‘shake’.
Once your dog has mastered this, you can move on to ‘high five’.
When your dog gets comfortable enough with shake, say ‘high five’ and hold out your hand. This may confuse your dog a bit, but when your dog raises his paw, change your hand position and give him a high five. Remember to reward right away once you complete the trick.
It will take practice, but it’s really rewarding having a dog that can ‘high five’. Also remember, any interactions with your dog help build trust, and lets face it, it’s fun!
Original pin containing other tricks can be found at

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