Animal Babies


Ok, who doesn’t love animal babies?! If you don’t think they’re adorable, I’m fairly certain something must be broke inside you! I don’t go crazy posting their pictures on my Facebook wall or anything, but I love these moments!
Some of you might remember that we bought a zoo membership last month to our very own Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It’s been amazing having the membership! The animals are always doing something different and I always manage to see something new.
I’m focusing on this one tonight because I have an extra baby in the house tonight and he made me think of the cute baby animals I have posted on my ‘interesting’ board.
These are Reed Titis, native to South America. The baby, chilling on its mama’s back was born on March 29. This was my first time seeing him, and he was precious! He was on her back for a while, sat on the branch for a while, just looking around. Then, oh no! He fell into the leaves of one of the plants below. Both the parents went ballistic! Jumping to his rescue and everything. Afterwards the mom put him on her back again. Almost like strapping him into a stroller.
The kids really enjoyed it and so did we. Never underestimate the happy power of baby animals! I would post the original link, but it transfers you to a really bizarre Asian page. Feel free to check out the pin though! Follow me on Pinterest: Stephanie DeSantis

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