Legally Free Music

Legally Free Music

This is more of an instructional picture. You follow the basic instructions and BAM, free music! It’s nice, especially when you want quirky stuff. For example: After Ever After at
Then you go to and paste the url into the box and hit convert. Now I have a copy of this hilarious song on my playlist.
Only update I would add to this picture is to make sure that you are watching a good quality video. I found a copy of My Zing, from Hotel Transylvania, and converted it. It plays ok……. If you don’t mind cranking the volume up to twice the normal volume. So I’m still looking for a better video.
This works best with official music videos and such. That’s how I got Gangam Style. Lol!
Happy listening all. This is definitely one to put in the success column!
Original pin can be found here


3 thoughts on “Legally Free Music

  1. Sorry, I’m pretty tech un-savvy. I did this on my iPhone worked great, thanks! Just wondering if you know how to keep it now? Save it to my music?

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