Ballerina Bun (Remix)

Ballerina Bun (Remix)

I’ve been playing around with something like this for a while now. I actually styled most of my bridesmaids hair (with the assistance of Mrs. Doris Page) with the upside down braid, but instead of a bun, we curled the top and pinned them down. It was really pretty.
I think I like the curls instead of the bun because it helps hide the bumps on the side. Yes, I did this myself so doing this on someone else you can control the side bumps a little better, but still. On the other hand, the bun really shows off the braid. My husband says it’s goofy, but he thinks most things I do to my hair are a little goofy.
If you can French braid your own hair, this is a piece of cake. You just flip your head over so your hair is hanging towards the floor, then start the braid from the nape of your neck. Once you get to the crown of your head, you tie it off. Then you brush the front of your hair back into a high ponytail, combing with the hair from your braid. I ended up using a hair-tie to wrap my bun up because I was a little too lazy for bobby pins.
I think this is something I’ll do again, and maybe with a little practice, it’ll be something I can do when I’m planning on leaving the house. Good luck to all who attempt this, as always, with any hairstyling, it’s practice, practice, practice!
Original pin found here

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