Preserving apples

Preserving apples

My kids love apples. Most kids do. Arthur is perfectly content to eat the apple as they come, but Chiara likes them to be sliced with one of those happy slicers that cores and gives you 8 even slices. Then she eats the inside and leave me the skin. She’s a peach.
I like bringing apples on car trips because they’re healthy and a nice couter-point to the fast food we inevitably eat on the road. It’s no issue for Arthur to eat them straight out of the cooler, but if you pre-slice the apples, they always brown. Yeah they taste ok, but they look gross.
This pin was super simple to do and this is actually the second time I’ve done it. Step one: Go crazy slicing the apples up. Step two: Soak them in cold water for 3-5 minutes. Step three: Soak them in a lemon-lime soda, like Sprite or 7-up (I used Sprite) for 3-5 minutes. Drain and pack up. Easy peasy, my favorite kind of pin!
The only thing the original pinner forgot to mention is that apples float so I ended up pushing the apples down and rolling them over so the ones on top still soaked up the Sprite. They taste just like fresh-cut apples, unless you eat them straight out of the mixture. The last time I made these, they stayed fresh for a week, that’s when we had eaten them all, and they had just started to turn a very light tan color. I call this pin: SUCCESS
Check out the original pin here

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