Make your own sea glass

Make your own sea glass

I loved the way this pin looked so this has not been sitting long on my Pinterest boards. I was delayed a few days due to not having a paint brush, but I finally rectified that! I picked up some regular McCormick food coloring. I wasn’t sure how well the Wilton’s stuff I already have would work.
The directions on this one were pretty simple. You take Elmer’s Glue and mix it with the coloring of your choice. I chose red for the first one, even though sea-glass isn’t red (or pink as it turned out). I actually read through some of the comments to this pin prior to trying it and there was some concern about Elmer’s Glue being washable. So the pink one was done with Mod Podge and food coloring. The ripples on the lip of the first one made it a little difficult to paint, but I managed, missing some spots. What the heck, it was my first time!
I wasn’t overly thrilled with the first time so I used Elmer’s Glue on the second one. I’ve had this vase kicking around for a few years and rarely used it so I figured I would use it for these beautiful wood roses my mom got me. I think it looks fantastic. I wanted to post this tonight so I don’t have any sunlight pictures. I’ve heard they look great in the sunlight!
I used a foam brush for both of these, figuring the coverage would be better, but the bubbles made me a little twitchy. I had to go over multiple times to get rid of them all. I may get a regular craft paint brush before I try this again. All in all, I’m happy with how these turned out. I hope you all are willing to give these a try, because they sure are pretty!
Check out the original pin here

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