Elf on the Shelf 2015: Installment Two

This month is just flying by and Iroh is keeping busy!


Iroh dug into the kids bookshelf and built himself a little tower of books to make sure he had a good view of the living room. It’s a great way to keep an eye on the situation!


Iroh brought in supplies for this one. He brought a bag of sticky bows and decorated around the tv screen. Chiara loved this one, actually borrowing some of the bows to decorate in her room.


This was a quick and lazy night for Iroh. He apparently was playing around with our nutcrackers. He was really enjoying the view from the tv side of the room. Three nights in a row!


I think this was my personal favorite! Chiara started dance class this year and Iroh had to show off his own moves. This involved a Monster High stand, coffee filter and a tiny hair tie. Nothing like a pretty ballerina!


This one stumped the kids for a little bit. They looked everywhere before seeing him on our family picture wall. Our clocks are a little small for this one, but it was still funny!


The cat kennel was brought upstairs to deal with our new kitten, he was being overly feisty, and apparently Iroh got himself stuck overnight. Silly Iroh!

Keep a lookout, more from Iroh coming soon!

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