Holiday Cheer 2015


Christmas has rolled around again. I’m never quite sure how it comes so fast, but I love it every year. We have our little family traditions that we’ve developed over the years, and some that we’re still adjusting to suit our family.
One tradition that we’ve been very consistent with is setting up our tree shortly after Thanksgiving. Depending on work schedules, we set up our tree sometime between the day after Thanksgiving and the first of December. We’re very serious about keeping our holidays separate. Halloween / Thanksgiving / Christmas. We don’t do Hallothanksmas!
Another tradition we’ve stuck to is a new ornament for everyone each year. As the kids have gotten older, they get to pick out their own, and they love it! We stick to Hallmark, as they have such beautiful ornaments.


There are a few ornaments I get even though the kids don’t choose them. For instance, the Rapunzel ornaments, we’ve gotten them each year (I still need to get this year’s) because I love sets. We don’t exactly do themes for our trees, so it’s a nice eclectic look!


Window snowflakes are a tradition that we started last year, and the kids love it! At first they looked a little silly because I was folding the paper weird. After a few forays onto Pinterest, I found a good folding technique to get these awesome six-pointed stars. Almost any time the kids get bored around Christmas, they’ll bring me paper and ask, “can I make a snowflake?”


I think one of my current favorite traditions is our Elf on the Shelf, Iroh. He started visiting us last Christmas and the antics just keep going! It can be difficult with my new third shift schedule to keep him in motion, but it stays fun, especially with Pinterest to help me!

I don’t have a picture to go with this one, but it’s a tradition of ours that just sort of evolved since Arthur was little. Presents had to stay hidden, mainly because Mr. Man kept opening them, or tearing at the paper, like any child will at that age. The presents remained hidden until he went to bed on Christmas Eve. Now that the kids are five and eight, they know I have the presents in the basement. They’ve seen my wrapping station and even the pile of wrapped presents when helping me do laundry. It remains exciting though, even knowing they’re coming, to see that impact Christmas morning of all the presents “suddenly appearing” like magic!

Another one we started last year is the decorating of gingerbread houses. The kids loved this! We usually do it the week before Christmas so that we can demolish and devour them within a day or so of Christmas. I can’t wait to do this this year because Arthur is getting a train gingerbread kit!

I’d love to hear about different Christmas traditions you have with your family.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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