Quickshine for your Floors


It’s been a little while since I’ve done a product plug, but I am amazed by the results of this, so of course I have to share my experience!
I originally saw an advertisement for this while browsing different Pinterest links, and thought, why not? My house is primarily hardwood floors, and I love it because it is easier to clean than carpet. The worst I get is clumps of pet hair that need vacuumed or swept up, but that’s the price I pay for owning a menagerie!
The only complaint I have is that the floors are old and worn, desperately in need of refinishing. However with kids and pets, it’s tough to find the time and money to do it. Aside from the fact that the pets and kids would have to be cleared out of the house while the floor seals dry. Not an easy task to do!


This is by far the worst part of my floor. This is right after a mopping with my trusty Murphy’s Oil. No shine left to this part, right outside my kitchen and the main walkway towards the side room and garage. It gets a lot of human and pet traffic.


This is the same section of floor after 3 coats of Quickshine! You sweep and regular mop your floor and remember to let it dry COMPLETELY!


If your floor is a little wet, you’ll end up like this sad section next to my front door, looking like it’s peeling.
After your floor is all the way dry, spray some Quickshine in an S-shape and use a microfiber cloth to spread it evenly over your floor. Use caution in your pattern though because you should let it sit for 30 minutes before walking on it. It’ll be good after 20 minutes, thank you Zuko for showing me, but the company does recommend 30.


This picture shows a better contrast of before and after. Right beside my shoes and the table leg was mopped only, but the shiny spots have two layers of Quickshine.
I also picked up a multi surface Quickshine, but haven’t tested it yet. I’m hoping it’ll give new life to my linoleum kitchen floors!
I’ve been informed Walmart carries the multi surface version, although my store didn’t carry it. The hardwood version I found at Home Depot.
Shine on everyone, shine on!

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