Foam Dough


Two simple and common ingredients and one horrible mess! The kids did enjoy playing with it, after all, kids love a good mess, but I don’t see us playing with this stuff again.


Start by taking equal parts cornstarch and shaving cream. This gave me a chance to use my Jurassic World shaving cream leftover from the marbled butterflies we made last week.
I started with 1 cup cornstarch and 1 cup shaving cream. I ended up adding almost another full cup of shaving cream to get a good texture.


It’s texture is very similar to the moon sand that was advertised all over TV a few years ago. It’s very crumbly…..


…. but it packs together very well.


I added some red and blue food coloring to different piles to give some color. Am I the only one who feels this looks like blood? Anyway…..


We spent quite a bit of time forming walls with the foam dough. Unfortunately I don’t have any molds to use for this, but they enjoyed it.
The mess wasn’t hard to clean up, but it was everywhere. It fell off the edge of the table, mashed into the table, all over their hands! Ugh! It wiped clean and you can vacuum it if necessary, but I’ll take play dough any day over this stuff!
Original pin can be found here.

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