Scarecrow Teacher Gifts


This was an adorable little craft that I found on Pinterest. The original pin, as usual, was a little cuter than mine, but we had fun making them. Well, the kids had fun playing with the paper scraps, scissors and glue sticks while I put this together.
You start with an empty Starbucks bottle, the kind that are available at the registers of grocery stores.


You will need an assortment of buttons, paper scraps and glue. I started with krazy glue, moved on to Elmer’s glue stick, then ended with hot glue. Hot glue works best!


I laid out my face design on the table first, to make sure I liked it, and really, who doesn’t like button eyes?


This was the first ‘hat’ I tried, and it was just awful! The original pin had a plastic hat as the lid, and I had an impossible time making that work, at least until Tony got involved.


Second attempt at a hat, and I thought I was going to go with this one. This was about when Tony decided to step in. The original pinner stated she colored her cups with yellow sharpie, which I did not have handy.


Enter Tony and his model paints, at least for the first hat. The other three hats he spray painted yellow for me. Thank the weather for warming up enough for spray paint!
We’ve given one of the kids’ teachers their gift, and I can’t wait to hand out the rest!
I guess the best advice with this pin is to play around until you find what works. Your face materials, the candy inside, the hat…… Whatever you want! Happy crafting!

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