Scarf Holder

So, I’ve come to the stunning conclusion that, while completely functional, my Pinterest crafts never turn out quite as visually appealing as the original pins. First example I’ll use is my shoebox charging station, which is completely functional, but goofy looking. Today’s blog is another shining example.


Behold, a scarf holder!
More than a little tacky, right? The important thing is that my scarves arent a wadded up mess in a drawer or bin.
The supplies you’ll need for this one are:
•1 hanger
•11 shower curtain rings (that’s how many I used)
•electrical tape
•ribbon (this is optional. Mine doesn’t have this yet, but I will be adding it later)
First step is to lay out your supplies like so:


Tape your shower curtain rings closed. Then you just tape them to each other in a configuration, much like this:


I went a little electrical tape happy!
Then you attach this to your hanger, like so:


This is the part where the ribbon would come in. Wind the ribbon around the rings and hanger, disguising the tackiness!
The original pin has been blocked, so I can’t reference the original blogger, but here is their finished product:


Much prettier, yes? Maybe when I add the ribbon…….

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