Baby in a Truck


I recently found this pin and was reminded of this picture I took of Chiara when she was only a few weeks old. When Arthur was born he was an absolute brute. He was 9lbs 10 1/4 oz. See? Brute! Chiara, on the other hand, was a petite 7lbs 1oz.
She was so tiny! Everyone kept telling us, oh you just forgot how small Arthur used to be. Then I got to inform them that Arthur was never that small!
Arthur has been collecting toys since he was born. First grandchild on my side and first grandson on Tony’s side. It was bound to happen! When he got this truck, I think Tony was just as excited with it. They don’t make a lot of metal toys anymore so this was a nice toy. He still has it and it is holding up great!
We were sitting around, watching tv one night, and Tony just got up and laid Chiara, blanket and all, in the truck. I had the initial OMG reaction. She didn’t even wake up. Arthur was fascinated and he just started scooting her back and forth. He has always been very sweet with her.
I know my shot isn’t as posed and ‘cute’ as the original pin, but mine was a quirk. We still find this to be a cute photo today, even though Chiara is now 3 and scoots herself around on this truck.
I think the most important thing to remember about pictures of kids, take a lot. This is the digital age and if the pictures are crap, you can delete them. Sometimes bad pictures are worth keeping too. I have pictures of my kids in complete meltdown mode, and they are funny to look at now.
Enjoy your camera time!
Original pin and picture can be found at

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