Dress-up Dresser


I’ve been in love with this idea since I’ve seen it. Chiara is a complete girl! She loves dressing up, putting on her heels, and admiring herself in the mirror. At 16, this may worry me, but at 3, it is adorable!
I’ve been using a Longaberger basket to keep all of her dress-up clothes and accessories together, but Nana just loves adding to her collection. The basket was filling up fast! The kids are with my parents until tomorrow, so I pushed Tony into taking care of this for me. He is much more handy than I will ever be, when it comes to stuff like this.


This is what we started with. It came off Craigslist for free and I originally planned to use it for a different pin, but it was a little to tall for what I had planned. So Tony ripped out the top 4 drawers and added a shelf above the bottom drawer. It ended up looking like this until we painted it with leftover bedroom paint. Our bedroom is a lovely lilac color, perfect for a little girl’s dress-up dresser!


Tony was super impressed with himself on how this came out. I adore it and was so excited to hang all of her dresses and put all of her shoes and tiaras in the drawer. I think we may end up adding hooks and such for her necklaces. The beauty of this, we can do these little add ons as we see how she uses it and adjust as needed!
I really hope I can get a picture of her reaction shot. I know she’ll love it!
Best part of Pinterest so far: giving new life to what would otherwise be trash!
Original pin can be found at http://www.ramblingrenovators.ca/2011/12/chloes-diy-costume-closet.html?m=1

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