Revisiting Pinterest

This particular blog isnt about any specific pin, but more about the repeatable-ness of some of these pins. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to come up with something to blog about, even though I’m constantly using Pinterest in daily life.
For example, I made beignets again this morning. They are such a yummy breakfast treat! The big trick is remembering to make the dough the night before. Or the crockpot french toast, even though I didn’t care for it in the crockpot, the batter was amazing on regular french toast, that was yesterday’s breakfast.
So while I may not always have something new and exciting to post, I’m still using Pinterest, almost on a daily basis. I guess this is me asking you not to get bored when I don’t have something amazing to post. I do have some interesting blogs coming up, including my first guest blogger. So stay tuned for some excellent pins!

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